Why I Am Not Losing Weight In Spite Of Repeated Efforts?

Losing weight by any means has become the life-target for millions of people across the globe. Obesity and overweight is common in any age group of people. Obviously, weight loss lies in the balance of calories – namely the calories you burn should be more than the calories you eat daily. Weight loss diets in newer form are largely seen and viewed on the net. Unfortunately, these diets are not appealing for all people who intend to lose weight. Fad diets can help in shedding pounds for few days but will return shortly. There are many myths and mistakes made during weight loss regime and some of which are discussed here.

Remember one thing. You need to consult your physician and dietician before starting any weight loss diet.

Choose low GI Carbohydrate Diet :

Carbohydrates play an important role in gaining more weight than fats and proteins. So focus your attention to choose the right carb diet that is low in GI glycemic index. GI is the right measure of food that would keep your blood glucose levels high or low. Avoid eating GI high carbohydrate foods like white rice, potatoes and white bread. Instead switch to low GI foods like raw vegetables, greens, chickpeas and lentils. You can also take foods like sweet corn, bananas, oatmeal and multigrain since these are items with medium level of GI.

Tip : A small quantity of good fat and protein is essential for your body even if you are eating low GI carbohydrate diet.

Do Not Starve :

You cannot lose weight if you are starving. Starvation diet will make you gain more weight than you were before. You would lose few pounds initially in fad diets but you are sure to gain more pounds within days. You cannot do exercise or other physical activity when you are starving. Hence it is important to choose the right weight loss diet rich in fiber so that you are not feeling hungry.

Measure The Calories :

Counting your calories is very important for losing weight. Initially many people will have problems in counting the calorie they eat but in practice and some homework it is possible to choose the right calorie diet. Anyone desirous for weight loss should be aware of the calories he/she eats daily. You can note down the measure of calories and stick on to it each day.

Tip : Men can eat up to 2500 calories and women around 2000 calories in a day. Once you start counting the calories you will end up eating healthy diet resulting in weight loss.

not losing weight

Eat 5-6 Meals A Day :

It is true that you can lose weight easily if you resort to eat many smaller meals a day than 2 large meals. Your body is not conditioned for digesting hefty meals which ends up accumulating fats in the liver. You are providing a regular nutrition supply and energy for your body by eating 5-6 smaller meals a day. Energy levels cannot be maintained if you eat 3 meals and you may get tired easily. You can have breakfast, lunch and supper and two additional meals in between.

Tip : Split your breakfast and lunch and eat them at regular intervals so that you will not have the feeling of hunger throughout the day.

Exercise and Active Lifestyle :

It is a fact that regular exercise helps in losing weight by burning more calories. If you are aiming at reducing weight you need to exercise at least for 30 minutes a day. It can be brisk walking or jogging or joining a gym. Your body will be able to lose weight only if there is calorie balance which is possible through exercise. You should burn more calories than you eat. Exercise helps in building muscle mass which in turn consumes large calories even while you are resting.

Tip : Exercise in better ways. Instead of walking at the same speed in a treadmill for half-an-hour, you can try increasing the speed in between for burning more calories. Intense activity can burn up to 36% of fat. Change your exercise routine once in 3 days. Moderate activity with same intensity for 30 minutes burn lesser calories than intense activity for few minutes.

Mindful Eating :

  • Do not watch television or speak on your mobile while eating. It is necessary to get fully involved in what you are eating when you want to lose weight. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people tend to eat 15% more than regular meals when they indulge in any other activity while eating.
  • You can slowly chew the food after putting it in your mouth so that it gets mixed with saliva which makes the digestion process easy. Always remember to eat slowly and don’t grab your breakfast or lunch on the go. Avoid talking or reading a book while eating.
  • The above given techniques can help you in losing weight consciously. Before starting any diet plan, you can check with your doctor and get his approval.

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