White Bump on Tongue

For some people you can see small white spots here and there on the tongue. It can develop and cover the entire space of the tongue forming thick white coating on its surface. White spots or bumps on the tongue can either be small or big and it can be even in size or irregular. Often white spots begin to occur on the sides of the tongue which would then spread to the center. If left untreated these spots would grow rapidly to cover the surface of the tongue entirely. In some people the white bumps would change its color due to bacterial infection.

Symptoms :

White bumps on tongue would be seen as tiny white spots here and there on the surface of the tongue.

Causes :

Oral thrush is the major cause of white bumps on tongue. White spots are nothing but yeast growth on the tongue which looks like cottage cheese. The infection can spread to other areas like throat, roof of oral cavity and even on the cheeks. Taking antibiotics for prolonged time and poor nutrition can cause thrush. White bump can develop on the tongue due to dryness. Dryness can occur due to excess of heat or dehydration of the body which can cause white spots on the mouth and tongue.

Lichen planus is a type of infection caused by hepatitis C. Allergic reaction is the major cause for forming white bump on tongue and people who are using tobacco can develop more spots on the tongue. A special condition called geographical tongue can give rise to white bump on the tongue. The surface of the tongue would have map like appearance causing white scaly patches. Some types of oral cancer can cause white spots on the mouth and tongue. A condition called leukoplaka can cause white bump that are irregular in size.

Eating excess of spicy and hot foods can cause irritation of taste buds which can develop swelling in due course forming white bumps. Canker sores can also cause white spots on the tongue. Canker sores can develop due to excess of stress or change in hormones. You can get sores from other people also since it is contagious.

Diagnosis :

Your doctor can easily detect white bump on tongue by physical exam of the tongue. Some people will come to know about the existence of white spots when they visit the dentist.

Treatment :

Home Remedies :

Most of the simple white bumps will fade by regular cleaning of the tongue and oral cavity. Use a soft toothbrush for brushing your teeth and tongue scraper for cleaning the white debris on your tongue. Drink plenty of water to keep your body well hydrated. White spots on the tongue will disappear automatically by drinking lots of fluids. You can also use salt water to gargle the mouth regularly. This process will prevent bacterial or fungal infection to develop on the oral cavity. Alternatively you can use mouthwash for cleansing the mouth daily. In case you are having problems in eating or drinking due to several white bumps on the tongue you need to visit your dentist.

Medical :

Treatment will be given to you based on the cause leading to the formation of white bumps. Getting frequent white spots on the tongue can be indication of underlying medical issue. If white bumps are formed due to bacterial infection your doctor would give suitable antibiotics in the form of oral pills or topical creams. Over the counter pain killers can be used to get relief from irritation and discomfort caused by white spots on the tongue. Some people can get dull pain and irritation due to several white bumps.

Avoid eating foods that are acidic or spicy when you have white spots. Acidity can worsen the condition causing more irritation and pain. Avoid eating foods that contain sharp edges like chips and eat only soft foods that are comfortable to your mouth and tongue. Change your brush periodically and follow the instructions of your dentist and go for regular dental check-ups.

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