Uveitis – Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, Types, Treatment

Uveitis is an eye inflammation affecting the middle layer. Uvea is the name of the portion in the eyes that contains ciliary body, choroid and iris. When swelling develops on the iris (iritis) it is called uveitis which is also known by name anterior uveitis. Any trauma or infection to the eyes may cause inflammation of the iris. This condition is serious and has to be treated immediately failing which the person is likely to lose vision permanently.

Uveitis Causes :

Exact cause of uveitis is unknown. It is believed to be caused due to inflammation due to injury or any infection on the eyes. Some people believe that uveitis disorder is caused by autoimmune disorder like Behcet’s disease or sarcoidosis or AIDS. It can also occur due to Crohn’s disease or ulcer. Similarly uveitis may develop due to infectious diseases like syphilis, cat scratch disease and tuberculosis. Lymphoma cancer can also affect the eyes causing inflammation.

Uveitis Symptoms :

  • The infected eyes become reddish and it can be painful. The eyes become sensitive to light and it may cause blurred vision. You can see debris or dark spots floating on the eyes. It may reduce the regular vision resulting in decreased vision.
  • For some people signs may develop suddenly and for others it is a slow process. Inflammation or infection may occur in either one eye or both.

Types :

Several types of uveitis are recognized and the names are given according to the area (region) on which there is inflammation.

Anterior uveitis is the inflammation of the iris; posterior uveitis is the swelling of back portion of the eyes called chordia. Intermediary uveitis is the disorder which affects the ciliary body and pan-uveitis is the name given when it affects all the layers present in the uvea.

Who Are At Risk ?

People whose ancestors have had similar infection like uveitis would have more chance for getting this disorder. Individuals whose immunity is impaired due to health issues and people who suffer from frequent infectious diseases can get uveitis. Any trauma or injury to the eye due to accident can cause uveitis.

Tests :

An ophthalmologist can clearly diagnose the illness when he looks into your eyes. In case of doubt, the case is referred to doctor for assessing the presence of any infection in the body.

Pictures of Uveitis :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Uveitis

Uveitis Uveitis Uveitis Uveitis Uveitis Uveitis
Uveitis Treatment :

Uveitis can easily be corrected when treatment is given in early stage. Several types of treatments are available for managing uveitis. The doctor would prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs like corticosteroid for controlling the symptoms. Either it will be taken in the form of eye drops or oral pills.

In case of severe inflammation, the doctor would use an eye implant device for injecting the medicine into the eyes. In case the disease is caused due to infection the doctor will give antibiotics to control it. For some cases, cytotoxic drugs are given to control uveitis in case the infection does not respond to corticosteroid medicines. In rare case, surgery is done to take out the gel from the infected eyes. This procedure is called vitrectomy.

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