Tooth Abscess – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

A tooth abscess is nothing but infection in any part of the mouth (oral cavity) or jaw or face. The major reason for getting tooth abscess is poor dental hygiene and delaying the treatment of dental problems. But for some people it can also develop due to underlying medical issues like autoimmune disorders, undergoing chemotherapy. A tooth abscess can become very complicated if it infects the cheeks, gums or even the throat. As you delay in taking timely treatment, there can be pus accumulation on the infected area causing increased pain and inflammation. In severe cases, the dental abscess may cause obstruction in the path of the airway making you difficult to breathe.

Causes :

Tooth abscess can be as a result of minor injury to the mouth or oral cavity. It may develop due to weakened immunity system, conditions of medical issues like diabetes. Very often, tooth abscess is formed due to bacterial infection which grows and multiply on the tooth cavity invading the underlying soft tissues and even the bones of the face. Poor dental hygiene is one of the major causes for developing tooth abscess.

Symptoms :

There may be mild to moderate pain with inflammation of the oral cavity. Pain may radiate and infect the surrounding areas of the face like cheeks and throat. There may be redness in the mouth and even on your face. As the infection progresses, it can cause nausea, fever and difficulty in swallowing and drinking.

The oral cavities may develop inflammation and it becomes tender. For some people the tooth abscess is accompanied with drainage of pus and they may experience pain in opening their mouth.

Diagnoses :

Your dentist may examine your tooth to identify the intensity of tooth abscess. If required, he may ask you to take X-ray of the infected teeth for getting clear picture of the infection.

Treatment :

Self Care :

For mild range of infection of tooth abscess, it is enough if you use anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and omaproxen. It would provide some relief if you rinse the mouth with warm water. However it is very much necessary for you to consult your dentist for complete solution.

First your dentist will examine the infection and intensity of tooth abscess before deciding upon the treatment. For severe infection, he could cut open the tooth abscess for draining the pus inside. Sometimes, he may prescribe strong antibiotic medicines for destroying the bacteria that causes the infection. He would also give you pain reliever drugs after the procedure.

In case if the tooth abscess has progressed up to throat or the floor of the mouth, your dentist will put you on anesthesia for operating and removing the abscess. Hence, the course of treatment depends on the severity of the infection and how far it has caused damage to the neighboring cells and tissues.

Pictures of Tooth Abscess :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Tooth Abscess

Tooth Abscess Tooth Abscess Tooth Abscess Tooth Abscess Tooth Abscess Tooth Abscess Tooth Abscess

Prevention :

You can easily prevent tooth abscess by adhering to the following health rules :-

  • Brush your teeth twice a day after taking your meals and at bedtime.
  • Regular flossing will prevent food particles getting accumulated in the oral cavity.
  • Pay regular visits to your dentist for cleaning and check-up.
  • In case you suspect any tooth abscess, do not delay in consulting your doctor.
  • Tooth decay can be corrected easily if detected at early stages.
  • Avoid using tobacco in any form.

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