Tips For Weight Gain – How To Gain Weight Fast and Safely

People with very low body mass index (less than 18) are known to be underweight. In other words they are not having good body mass level to sustain health. People with BMI above 25 are identified as overweight and those with BMI 30 and above are termed as obese. By saying this, it does not mean skinny individuals are underweight. There are millions of skinny people with required BMI and are healthy.

When compared with underweight people, overweight and obese people are in large numbers around the world. Obesity is not the only problem increasing the risk of diabetes and hypertension, being underweight can also cause major complications. Being in the very low BMI can certainly increase the risk of death. One of the research studies indicate that underweight men are at increased risk of early death when compared with underweight women.

You are at risk of developing many infections, fractures and osteoporosis by staying in the underweight range. Further it can cause infertility and sex related issues for both men and women.

What Are The Causes Of Underweight ?

Several factors can cause low BMI and unhealthy weight loss.

1. Psychological Disorders

People with mental disorder and serious psychological problems are either overweight or underweight. Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and disorder bulirumia can cause drastic weight loss. Such people have low self esteem and are always conscious about what they eat. They prefer not to eat anything or indulge in vomiting after eating. With proper medications and therapy it can be treated.

2. Thyroid Issues

Thyroid hormone plays a crucial role in managing your weight and metabolism. If the thyroid is overactive your metabolic activities becomes erratic resulting in loss of weight. You may not be able to gain weight, irrespective of what you eat. It is better to check your thyroid levels if you are not putting weight.

3. Gluten Intolerance

The digestive system will not be in a position to metabolize gluten resulting in significant mal-absorption of nutrients and essential vitamins. Celiac disease can cause loss of weight and often people don’t recognize that they have celiac disease.

4. Cancer

Any form of cancer and tumors in your body can burn significant calories resulting in weight loss.

5. Weak Immune System

People with weakened immunity are prone to repeated infections and the metabolism of the body will not favor increase in weight. They are susceptible to serious infectious disorders like HIV and many other chronic infections. If you feel that you are losing weight consistently in spite of eating normally you need to consult your family physician without delay.

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How To Put On Weight Positively ?

6. Eat More Calories

Overweight people are advised to eat lesser calories than they burn but underweight people should eat more calories than they burn daily. Gradually increase the calorific intake by measuring the calories of whatever you put inside your mouth. Start with 200 more calories daily and slowly increase it to 700 or 1000 calories increase in a week. An average adult requires 2300 calories each day to remain healthy.

7. Choose Protein Rich Foods

Protein is the main ingredient for building muscle mass. Taking high protein diet can increase building extra muscle in your body. Take plenty of eggs, chicken breast, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, fish, milk and vegetables like soybeans, lentils, broccoli and peas. Remember taking high protein diet can reduce your appetite. By gradually increase the protein intake you are building more muscle in your body.

8. Eat Small Frequent Meals

You can choose to eat in small amounts more frequently than eating large amounts three times a day. Include plenty of protein and fat foods in your diet each time. There is no need to restrict the carbohydrate volume. If you are grabbing a snack after meals ensure that it contains plenty of energy.

9. Eat Energy Rich Foods

You can use spices and condiments in your daily diet so that it becomes easy for you to eat more and digest well. Choose variety foods each day instead of sticking on single food item. Avoid taking junk foods since it can keep you out of hunger for extended period. Select energy rich foods or high calorie foods. This can contribute for relative weight gain. Add more spices and sauces to your food so that you can digest it easily and eat more.

Dairy items like full fat yogurt, whole milk and cream, dried fruits like raisins and dates, nuts like walnuts and almonds, peanuts and grains like brown rice and whole grains and meat items like beef, chicken breast and lamb and vegetables like potato and yams are natural sources of bundle of calories and energy. You can easily put on weight by eating the above items daily.

10. Weight Training

Weight lifting is one of the crucial aspects that most people forget. It is not enough if you eat well to put on weight. You need to make sure that excess of calories you add daily contributes for building muscle mass rather than thus adding your pounds. Join a gym center and practice weight lifting at least 4-5 times a week. Start with low weights and increase it gradually to heavy ones over time. Gym center is meant not only for losing weight but also to increase your muscle mass. If you can afford, choose a personal trainer who can train you up in compound muscle exercises.

11. Drink More Milk

You can definitely put on weight by drinking whole fat milk in volumes. It is full of high protein and calories required for building muscle. It is very simple method to put on weight easily.

12. Quality Sleep

After eating all the day you need to get quality sleep at night. Sleeping for 7 hours is absolutely necessary for your body to add muscle growth. If you are not getting quality sleep you need to check with your doctor promptly.

13. Health Checkup

It is possible that you are not putting weight due to some health issues like thyroid hormone or poor metabolism. You can get it checked with endocrinologist with your family doctor so that there are no major health issues in your system.

Don’t Give Up :

Nothing is impossible if you are determined. It can be difficult to put on weight, but you can do it by fixing small targets a month. You may take long time to achieve the goal but never give up. Eating high energy foods and high calorie items can reduce the appetite. But find methods to improve the metabolism. Go for meditation classes regularly to keep your mind focused. This can help you to be consistent in your efforts until your goal is achieved.

Quick Easy Tips For Building Muscle Power :

  • Eat small frequent meals with rich protein and energy
  • Drink plenty of whole milk
  • Go for weight training at least 4 times a week
  • Focus on whole body training instead of paying more attention to arms and shoulders
  • Eat more calories than your body burns
  • Try protein shakes with extra calories
  • Stay focused and be patient

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