Tingling Fingers

Peripheral neuropathy is the medical term given for experiencing pain and numbness in fingers and toes. It is caused by nerve damage and is marked by loss of sensation on the affected fingers.Tingling fingers is indicative of abnormal condition like paresthesia. The person affected by this disorder will feel burning sensation or prickling sensation in the fingers like pins and needles.

Causes :

When blood supply is blocked or nerves that carry the blood to the fingers and hands get damaged, you may get tingling fingers. It can also develop due to inflammation of the fingers, infection or due to injury.Tingling fingers and toes should never be ignored because it is indicative of serious disease. There are plenty of causes and factors that may cause tingling fingers.

When the person’s glucose level in blood exceeds normal range, then he is said to have diabetes. Many diabetic patients will experience tingling fingers because of nerve damage (neuropathy).B6 vitamin can cause neuropathy if it exceeds normal level which may lead to tingling of fingers.

Poor circulation of blood and injury caused to fingers or wrist can affect the blood flow and may cause nerve damage. Your hands will literally be heavy and cold if blood circulation is blocked.Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disorder that affects the central nervous system and cause nerve damage giving rise to tingling of fingers.Parasthesia may also reduce sensation in the fingers and toes causing pain and spasms.

Partial damage caused to the nerves in the finger area can cause tingling sensation. It can be because of nerve compression or numbness caused by blocked blood-flow in the thumb or little finger.

When exposed to extreme cold temperature, your hands and fingers may have numbness and tingling sensation.Lastly, frostbite can damage the nerve causing tingling sensation in fingers. Even leprosy may cause damage to the peripheral nerves.

Symptoms :

The fingers may burn or become numb for short period. It may become cold and pain may be felt on the fingers and hands. The affected person may experience difficulty while writing and using fingers for typing.

Some other symptoms include numbness, sensitivity, neck pain and twitching of fingers.

However, if you experience tingling fingers along with other symptoms like confusion, slurred speech, loss of vision and severe headache, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

Treatment :

Since there may several causes responsible for developing tingling fingers, your doctor should first identify the underlying cause. Pain relievers such as opiates and codeine are given for controlling pain. In case of nerve pain, medicines such as topiramate, pregabalin, carbamazepine and phenytoin are prescribed.

Some people can apply the cream by name Capsaicin that gives hot sensation on the extremities and controls pain. You can also apply lodicaine ointment for relieving pain.

In severe cases, antidepressant drugs like amitriptyline is given for managing pain sensations in the brain.

In addition, some doctors suggest taking Trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy (TENS) for getting relief from symptoms.

In case of nerve disorder, it can be treated with endoscopic nerve release and physical therapies. Splints are used by some patients for managing tingling fingers.

Pictures of Tingling Fingers :

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Tingling Fingers Tingling Fingers Tingling Fingers
Home Remedies :

People who are diabetic should look for early signs of foot problems and blisters. You should practice exercise regularly to get rid of peripheral neuropathy.

Gently massage your hands, fingers and toes to improve blood circulation and for stimulating nerve.

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