Throat Gonorrhea – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pictures

Throat gonorrhea is a contagious disease that spreads through sexual contact with infected person. People who work as sex workers and those who have multiple sex partners have high risk of getting gonorrhea infection. It can cause burning sensation in your throat or sore throat within 2 weeks of having sex with infected person. Every year, number of people infected with gonorrhea is increasing in the USA and in 2012 alone, more than 7million cases have been reported and most of them are teenagers.

Gonorrhea Throat Causes :

Throat gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae a type of bacterium that grows rapidly in moist areas like uterus, vagina and the opening of cervix region. It can also grow in the urethra tubing that transports urine to be expelled from the bladder. Bacteria of this type can stay alive in moist areas like mouth and throat.

Gonorrhea in throat often begins as sexually transmitted diseases in private parts of men and women who are sexually active. Women who deal with multiple sex partners have increased risk of developing this infection. The bacteria get transmitted from infected person to his/her partner through vaginal fluids or semen. Subsequently it may attack your throat and oral cavity.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea :

Often, people affected with gonorrhea infection may not show any symptoms. If at all symptoms occur, it occurs within a week or 10 days of having sex. If throat has been infected, it can cause sore throat and pain during swallowing. The symptoms of throat gonorrhea resemble strep throat. Some people may develop red or white spots on the oral cavity and throat. For women, it may cause signs like vaginal discharge (yellow or green color), pelvic pain, and pain while urinating and bleeding between periods.

Gonorrhea Throat

In some cases the bacteria may enter the eyes causing conjunctivitis (inflammation of eye) and people who have throat infection may show symptoms like sore throat, redness and swelling of lymph glands in your throat. Practicing oral sex is the main reason for getting gonorrheal infection. For most of the men, no symptoms are seen. Only some men may show signs of having burning pain while peeing, whitish color discharge from the tip of penis, and pain in the throat. The testicles can become swollen and may cause pain. Symptoms may appear within a week or two after getting infected.

Mode of Transmission :

Gonorrhea in throat is also called as pharyngeal gonorrhea where the bacteria present in the fluids gets directly into the body of the person through sex. The bacterium mixes with the bodily fluids like semen or vaginal fluid and lives near rectum or anus of infected person. When she/he has sex it gets transmitted into the partner’s body through mucus membrane.

Diagnosis :

It is difficult to detect gonorrhea in throat if there is no symptom. If you have doubt of having unsafe sex with infected person, you can check with your physician within a week without waiting for any symptoms. Your doctor might make urine analysis or collect fluid sample from the infected person. For women, vaginal fluid is taken and for men sample fluid is collected from urethra. If there is strep throat or throat pain your doctor may collect throat swab to test it in the lab.

Gonorrhea Throat

Treatment :

Antibiotics are prescribed in suitable doses for treating gonorrheal infection. Depending on the intensity of symptoms, you will be given either antibiotic in the form of oral tablets or as injection. The partner of the infected person should also take medication to prevent further complication if gonorrhea has been diagnosed in both of them. It is vital to complete the course of medication even if the symptoms improve in few days. Otherwise there is chance of getting recurring infection. Avoid having sex until your doctor says so or until you have completed the set of medications.

Complications :

If left untreated for long duration, gonorrheal infection can cause serious complication. Women may develop PID (pelvic inflammatory disorder) causing damage to the fallopian tubes or even uterus. Women who are planning to become pregnant may develop ectopic pregnancy, which is a serious complication. For men it can lead to epididymitis, inflammation of testicles and in rare cases it can cause impotence. In very rare cases, gonorrheal infection may spread to joints and even blood leading to life threatening complications.

Tips for Prevention :

The only way to prevent gonorrhea is to practice safe sex. Using condoms reduces the risk of getting infected for both the partners. Do not have sex with strangers and avoid having sexual contact with multiple partners. It is very much necessary to avoid having sex once you are diagnosed with gonorrheal infection. Also inform your sex partner about this issue so that he/she may go for testing before developing any symptoms.

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