Tattoo Scabbing – Aftercare, Causes, Healing, Tips

Scabbing is quite common in the first few days of applying a tattoo. The skin layer will start flaking and peeling off during the process of healing and it may scab in this period. Actually aftercare is very crucial in maintaining the tattoo in good condition and quick healing. It is essential to follow the instructions given by your tattoo artist in maintaining moisture on the site. You can use mild hand lotion or even moisturizing creams on the skin to prevent dryness and scabbing.

Scabbing :

Scabs on the tattoo region can cause pain, discomfort and itchy feeling. Scabs are actually unsightly and they are nothing but slightly raised form of epidermis layer of the skin. Scabs are normal during the process of healing. But if you have symptoms like swelling, itchiness, fluid discharge along with scabs you can take it for granted that something has gone wrong. Scabbing in severe cases can damage the skin badly leaving permanent scar on it. You may have to spend several dollars for medical treatment if you develop infection and scabbing.

Causes Of Scabbing :

Handling the tattoo with dirty hands and paying little or no attention to aftercare instructions can cause scabs on it. Applying excess of moisture on the tattoo is not a good sign. This can lead to infection inviting bacteria to live on moisture atmosphere. Over exposure to sunlight can definitely cause scabs on the tattoo. This is very much like that of sunburn that leaves scabs on your skin. Ignoring the symptoms of infection and undue delay in treating it can lead to scabbing.

Difference Between Normal Scabbing and Infectious Scabbing :

Once the tattoo begins to heal a thin layer of scab may form on it. This is quite natural process in healing thus leaving small crust on the tattoo covering the top layer. This is in fact body’s autoimmune response to cover the wound to prevent any infection. Complete tattoo can be covered with mild scab after few days of getting it done. This is a good symptom of normal scabbing which facilitates healing.

Normal scabs are very thin in texture and flaky which indicates you have taken enough care for the tattoo. However getting thick layer of scabs on the tattoo with pain, itchy feeling and swelling is abnormal. This is likely to occur due to bacterial infection and scabs continue to form on the tattoo along with few bumps over it. Here the scabs would not flake off instead it grows in size causing more complications.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Tattoo Scabbing :

Tattoo Scabbing Tattoo Scabbing Tattoo Scabbing Tattoo Scabbing

Some Useful Tips :

  • In case you get scabs on the tattoo don’t be worried. You should not touch or scratch the scab. Allow some time for it to heal on its own.
  • Pricking the scab can make things worse. You are making the region vulnerable and exposed to bacterial infection. This would delay the healing process.
  • Avoid touching the tattoo frequently.
  • Apply little of moisturizing cream twice or thrice a day.
  • Don’t overdo the cream thinking that it helps in healing.
  • Clean the scabs with mild soap water and allow it to dry. After complete drying you can apply moisturizing cream.
  • If you think that it can be due to infection you can apply antibiotic cream on the scabs gently.
  • Do not cover the scabs. It needs fresh air to facilitate quick healing.
  • You can apply hot/warm compress on the scabs. This would not only control itchiness but also reduce swelling.
  • After placing hot compress for several minutes you can apply antibiotic cream like Bactine spray or lidocaine cream.
  • Check with your artist before applying Vaseline on the tattoo scab.
  • If there is no improvement after 2-3 days and the scabs continue to grow in size, it is time for you to see your doctor/dermatologist.

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