Swimmers Ear

Swimmer’s ear is the infection of ear canal which occurs due to bacterial growth or entry of water while swimming. The activity like inserting the fingers into the ears, using cotton swabs for removing pus, and putting other objects like pin inside the ears can cause swimmers ear. It could damage the soft inner lining of the ear leading to ear canal.

Swimmers ear is medically called as aute external otitis. Very often it is caused by bacterial infection.
The symptoms of swimmers ear are itching on the ear canal, redness inside the ears and mild discomfort. Sometimes there may be discharge of pus like liquid from the ear. For some people there may be pain and intense itching and a feeling of fullness inside the ears. In severe infection it can cause fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck and complete block of ear canal.

Normally the ears will defend any foreign particles like bacteria by natural defense mechanism. It secretes a gland or wax which destroys bacterial growth and controls infection.

The possible causes are retaining excess of moisture inside the ear, scratches on the ear canal and using sensitive products on the ear.

Treatment will be given depending on the condition of infection. Antibiotic ear drops are prescribed for bacterial infection, steroids are given for reducing inflammation.

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Swimmers Ear Swimmers Ear Swimmers Ear Swimmers Ear Swimmers Ear Swimmers Ear

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