Sulfameth is the drug used for treating bacterial infection on ears and urinary tract. Sulfameth (known as co-trimoxazole) along with trimethoprim are used for treating various infections on intestine. The medicine is available in the form of injection also for treating chronic bronchitis. Like many other medications, sulfameth has adverse effects.

Primary side effect of taking sulfameth tablet is gastrointestinal disturbance. People often complain of having nausea, vomiting, anorexia and diarrhea after taking sulfameth. Generally these side effects are not life threatening and can be brought under control. However in some cases, the adverse effects are very harmful like pseudo membrane colitis. Some people would have allergic reactions from mild to moderate after taking sulfameth trimethoprim. Rash formation, itching sensation are some of the common symptoms of side effects. In severe cases, the person may develop choking and difficulty in breathing. Swelling of lips, mouth and throat are observed in many people.

In rare cases, there may be attack of Steven’s Johnsons syndrome, a condition in which skin peeling takes place with severe rash. They may even bleed due to intense rashes. All these side effects are indicative of liver problem and gastrointestinal disturbance. It is wise to take sulfameth under medical prescription to avoid the above adverse effects.

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