Sternum Pain

The sternum together with the rib bones protects the inner organs such as heart and lungs from trauma and physical injury. It is the area of chest bone located in the central part of the chest and is in the shape of “T”. There may be acute or chronic pain in the sternum and on certain occasions, there may be crackling sensation on the sternum bone.

Though sternum protects the inner vital organs like heart and lungs, the pain in the sternum has nothing to do with cardiac problem. The sternum pain can be as a result of damage of cartilages or injury to the rib cartilage bone. You will get sternum pain if there is some injury to sterno clavicular joint, fracture in the sternum, trauma to the collarbone and injury to the cartilages of sternum and damage caused to the lymph nodes.

The symptom of sternum pain is mild to moderate pain in the lower chest area. The pain may increase progressively as time passes. Sometimes there may be severe pain after exercising. However pain the sternum cartilage is not connected to heart functions or heart problem.

Sternum pain is not serious condition but if the pain persists for long time, you should consult your family physician. The doctor may prescribe corticosteroid drugs or anti-inflammatory medicines for healing pain. Sometimes, over the counter drugs are highly effective for sternum pain. To avoid complications such as lymphoma in sternum, it is better you consult the doctor and take imaging test to diagnose the illness.

Pictures of Sternum Pain :

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Sternum Pain Sternum Pain Sternum Pain Sternum Pain Sternum Pain Sternum Pain

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