Sour Stomach

Sour stomach is the most common ailment experienced by many of us due to indigestion. Due to excess amount of hydrochloric acid in stomach it can cause reflux reaction and heartburns. Sometimes it may lead to the formation of ulcers if not treated properly. Basically taking improper foods and unhygienic foods are the main reason for getting sour stomach. Some people are in the habit of eating too much in the evening and go to bed, giving no time for the body to process the food particles present in the stomach. This would force the acid into the digestive tract causing burning sensation. It is better to eat early in the evening and involve in light activities before retiring.

Smoking increases the chance of getting sour stomach. Having tobacco in any form can give rise to stomach ulcer. Sour stomach is also caused by extreme stress and witnessing traumatic incident. When a person becomes emotionally disturbed it affects the inner wall of the stomach making it tight giving rise to indigestion problem. If you get sour stomach often, it should be checked immediately failing which it can damage the inner lining of the stomach and esophagus.

Drinking water can give remedy for some extent reducing the discomfort of sickness and heartburn. Drink a glass full of carrot juice which will suppress the acidity of the stomach. Green tea without milk will for sure bring down acidity of the stomach. You may get better results if you could add a piece of ginger in the tea.

If no home treatment works out for you, it is time to visit the doctor for getting cure of sour stomach.

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Sour Stomach Sour Stomach Sour Stomach Sour Stomach Sour Stomach Sour Stomach

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