Smelly Feet

Our body is filled with countless sweat glands and it is because of this sweat there is bad smell in our feet. You have over 250,000 sweat glands in your body and believe it or not, your foot is the part that sweats the most in your entire body. However sweat does not smell on its own because it is just a combination of salt and water. When the bacteria invade on your foot, it produces that strong odor.

Bacteria grow rapidly on moist areas and hence the area of moisture gives room for large number of bacteria in your feet. Sweat attracts bacteria which in turn feed fully on the moisture of sweat. Normally sweat glands are present on the entire skin surface but it escapes easily into the air when it comes to hands or face. However your feet is wholly covered by shoes and socks and hence there is no space for the sweat to escape and hence the bacteria grow at faster pace than other parts. Lots of sweat particles get collected on your socks and shoes.

Causes of Smelly Feet :

Sweat is the real cause of smelly feet. But it is the bacteria that dwell on the sweat which gives bad smell to your feet. Further since bacteria is tied up inside the socks and shoes and hence they excrete a lot inside causing bad odor. Primarily the waste material excreted from bacteria are organic acids hence they emit a strong odor causing bad smelly feet.

It is easy to get rid of smelly feet, provided you take little care and change your daily routine.

Pictures of Smelly Feet :

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Smelly Feet Smelly Feet Smelly Feet Smelly Feet Smelly Feet Smelly Feet Smelly Feet Smelly Feet
Treatment :

First of all, you need to approach this issue of bad smell on scientific basis. All of us do sweat in our feet and there are some people who have a worse smell than others and that is what makes the difference.

  • You need to wash the feet thoroughly using antibacterial soap.
  • And give some time to dry the feet completely and do not hasten to wear your shoes on the wet feet.
  • It is very important that you should have dry feet completely free from moisture.
  • Use only cotton socks which can easily absorb moisture and never use synthetic socks.
  • Have a pair of shoes handy so that you can exchange them for every alternate day.
  • You can apply foot powder in the shoes which can facilitate absorption of moisture, thus reducing odor.
  • You can walk barefoot inside home, so that there would be less moisture and no bacterial growth on your feet.

There are hundreds of simple home remedies for treating smelly feet, and in case you don’t get good response, you can visit your doctor. He may suggest some disinfectant or foot powder for complete cure.

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