Smelly Belly Button

Women’s belly button is one of the fascinating areas for many men. Many women adore the belly button by piercing it and wearing a jewel to add more beauty and glamour. However it is essential to keep the belly button hygiene to prevent it against any infection.

Causes :

Unless there is an infection in the belly, it would not produce any odor. Very often the smelly belly button is harmless and mainly due to keeping it less ventilated or moist most of the time. The area is dark and warm giving no breathing space for fresh air. Hence it becomes susceptible for bacterial or fungal infections that may produce bad smell.

The presence of dead skin cells is also a reason for smelly belly. There is variety of factors that would cause bad smell in the belly button. Candida is the fungi that cause unpleasant smell in many of the private parts including belly button. The infection may also cause inflammation on the belly and it may also affect the navel area. For some people, it may build up pus like liquid on the belly that may ooze out.

In rare case, the infection may develop into urachal cyst. It begins as small cracks on the umbilical cord and slowly progresses to develop into a cyst. Since it grows on the Urachus area the name urachal cyst is given. In that case, the affected person would get fever and abdominal pain. Eventually the cyst may burst one day upon which there will be leakage of yellowish fluid from the belly. If you have any of such symptoms, you need to consult your doctor without delay.

Any smell on the belly button is indicative of fungal infection. The area should be kept clean and moist-free for preventing against any infection. The foul smell on the belly is due to the Candida infection and sometimes the underlying tissues may develop swelling.

Many times, there may be smell in the belly button due to excess of sweat. The debris and other small particles get blocked in the opening of the belly causing foul smell.

Some women prefer to pierce the belly button but would not bother to keep it in good condition. It may cause inflammation and pain if the piercing is not done through sterilized needles. When it develops into infection with swelling it could produce yellowish green liquid from the belly button which is called ‘Sepsis septicemia’.

Treatment :

Smelly belly button can be treated by over the counter anti-fungal ointments and creams. Topical creams are readily available for treating belly smell.

You can try the simple home remedy method of cleaning the affected area with anti-bacterial gel or soap thoroughly. Further you can apply hydrogen peroxide solution on the belly to get rid of foul smell. It is very effective to cure any type of infection. Alternatively you can clean the area with warm salt water once or twice a day. Common salt will absorb any leftover moisture in the belly giving no room for infection.

It would also act as protective cover for preventing further infection on the belly. This method is easy and simple way of avoiding the smelly belly button. Once the salt gets hard in the area, you can simply wash it off with cold water.

Try using few drops of nystatin liquid on the belly area for clearing any fungal infection.

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