Skin Cancer

The skin is the largest organ in human body that protects all the inner organs, muscles and tissues underneath. When the skin is exposed to bright sunlight, powerful radiation of Ultra violet rays it can cause skin rashes and sometimes skin cancer. Lowered level of immunity, using of tanning booth, prolonged exposure to X-rays, frequent contact of skin with harsh chemicals like arsenic and hydrocarbons can cause skin cancer. People who have fair complexion, people who have history of skin cancer, and those who have large number of moles are more prone to skin cancer than others.

Skin cancer is of three types: Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Among these, melanoma is the deadliest one causing death in the affected person.

Basal type of skin cancer affects the face and neck region. It appears as tiny red spots on the neck which may or may not bleed.

Squamous cell carcinoma is seen on neck, hands and arms. It grows and multiplies in fast rate and appears as red scaly dots or lesions.

Malignant type is quite serious and shows significant changes in the skin and can occur anywhere. It spreads to other parts fast and can be cured only if detected at early stages.

Symptoms of skin cancer are change in color of the skin, formation of tiny blood vessels, red scaly patches on the skin, itching sensation and pain with ulceration. You have to check for the common ABCD symptoms and examine the skin as early as possible.

Treatment of skin cancer is by radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery, depending on the type of skin cancer and intensity at which it spreads.

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