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The skin is the only organ in the body which is present all over the system and it basically protects the body from injury. It also helps to maintain temperature of the body, apart from balancing fluid loss. It aids in removal of waste particles in the form of sweat. The skin has upper epidermis layer and inner dermis layer. Epidermis is filled with squamous cells all the time and on its base is found basal cells.

There are different reasons for getting skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, improper skin care, lowered immunity level, working in unsafe environment and exposure to chemicals are some of the causes for getting skin cancer. Sometimes you may get cancer due to genetic predisposition. You may have inherited skin cancer by birth from your parents or forefathers. In some people, skin cancer can occur if they are taking radiation treatment and due to previous history of skin cancer. People who are overly exposed to UV rays of the sun and people who are fair complexioned are more likely to get skin cancer.

If you observe any change in color of the skin that does not fade even after a month, it is time to visit your skin doctor. Change in color of the skin, formation of red lumps, itching sensation are some of the symptoms of skin cancer.

Treatment of skin cancer is available in several forms like chemotherapy, cryotherapy, photo dynamic therapy and surgery.

Pictures of Skin Cancer :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Skin Cancer

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