Skin Cancer Moles

Moles are also known as nevi develop commonly on people of all ages. On an average, a person will have 10-40 moles that are flat or lifted. It can take shape ranging from flat to oval and round shape. However moles do not pose any risk for the person who has it unless it turns into cancerous growth. In some cases, moles will turn into melanoma or skin cancer moles.

Normal moles can be differentiated from skin cancer moles in several aspects. Observe the edges of mole to find out if it is broken or poorly outlined. The mole should not be irregular in shape. For instance, one half will be round and other half will be asymmetrical. There should not be sudden change of color in the moles changing down to red, brown or blue. It should not be bigger in size. Watch for the blisters on the moles though it does not bother you. Exposure of body parts to hot rays of the sun is one of the causes for getting skin cancer moles or melanoma.

Always protect yourself while you need to go out in hot climate. Use sunscreen creams and lotions which contains high rate of sun protection formula. Wear huts and use long clothing to keep you protected from hot rays. Drink plenty of water for staying hydrated.

Several methods of treatment are available. Surgery is done for removing the tumor causing cells from the moles. Skin cancer moles can be treated completely if detected at early stages.

Pictures of Skin Cancer Moles :

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