Skin Cancer Leg

Sudden changes in skin color and formation of tiny red spots are some of the common symptoms of skin cancer. Cancer can affect any body part and when it gets accumulated in the nerve paths of leg, you can get skin cancer leg. It is difficult to detect skin cancer on legs since we very often ignore them. Unlike face and arms, people scarcely take care of their legs, giving regular massages.

Formation of abnormal mole on the legs is an indication of cancer. Check for the ABCD’s formula on the legs to monitor the changes in skin on your legs. Malignant melanoma will normally begin as abnormal mole with uneven lesions and irregular borders. Sometime later, these tiny spots will change into brown or dark black color which is a sign of skin cancer. It may grow bigger in size posing risk to the affected person.

Treatment is simple and uncomplicated for skin cancer in legs. But early detection is necessary for getting the best positive results.

To prevent skin cancer on legs, wear cotton socks that let air inside and avoid exposure to sun. Apply sun protective formula cream on your legs before leaving home. Any changes in size of the mole or color should be shown to the doctor for getting his opinion. In rare cases, skin cancer on legs become fatal.

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Skin Cancer Leg Skin Cancer Leg Skin Cancer Leg Skin Cancer Leg Skin Cancer Leg Skin Cancer Leg

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