Skin Cancer Face

Face is the vital organ of human body and any small change in facial complexion will seriously affect personality of women. Skin cancer can occur in any part of the body and when it affects your face, you should not delay in consulting your dermatologist, since there is chance for further spreading and spoiling the entire face area. It may totally scar your face leaving untreatable marks.

If you observe any sudden change in the skin of the face such as new growth, red bumps, change in color and painful sore that does not heal, then you have to consult your doctor immediately. Though these are the signs of simple acne still you have to ensure that it is not due to melanoma.

Moles are formed on the face and not all of them become carcinogenic. Moles can be removed easily by cryotherapy or by using liquid nitrogen for freezing it. For many people moles are present right from birth and they would have hundreds of moles in the body. Most of them are harmless and do not pose any problem for the person. Sometimes moles grow bigger in size during adolescence and get darkened. There are moles called solar lentigines which are flat and brown colored spots on the face. But they are indication of aging process and exposure to sun.

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Skin Cancer Face Skin Cancer Face Skin Cancer Face Skin Cancer Face Skin Cancer Face Skin Cancer Face

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