Sacroiliitis is the name of the joint situated near the sacrum or lower spine region. It is the joint which connects the hip bone with that of iliac bone. When inflammation develops on the sacroiliac joint it is called as Sacroiliitis. It is very often described as the inflammation of the spinal cord.

Diseases that affects and causes psoriatic arthritis, spondylitis and reactive arthritis together grouped as Spondyloarthropathy. Sacroiliitis is considered to represent various categories of arthritis like that of osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Very often, Sacroiliitis causes low back pain in the affected individuals.

Symptoms :

When there is inflammation on the sacroiliac joint, it may cause low back pain or even leg pain. Some people complain of buttock and hip pain, apart from having fever. There will be discomfort when the person tries to get up after prolonged hours of sitting.

Stiffness of the joints in the hip bone and back bone is felt. The person will feel intense pain along with stiffness in the mornings when he wakes up from the bed.

Causes :

The major cause of Sacroiliitis is spondylitis and arthritis. Any form of arthritis along with psoriasis can cause pain in the joint of sacrum. It can be caused due to injury in the back portion due to accident or fall. For some women, this condition develops during labor pain when the pelvic area stretches for delivering the baby. Even lupus may give rise to Sacroiliitis. If there is any infection on the sacrolitic joint, it can lead to Sacroiliitis arthritis.

Sometimes the pain and inflammation would occur due to bacterial infection on the sacroiliac joints. It can be induced due to urinary tract infection. Any pain in the sacrum region can cause stiffness in that joint producing swelling. Urinary tract infection and osteomyelitis are also some of the causative factors for Sacroiliitis.

Pictures of Sacroiliitis :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Sacroiliitis

Sacroiliitis Sacroiliitis Sacroiliitis Sacroiliitis
Treatment :

The treatment will depend on the severity of the pain and the health condition of the affected person. For some it is enough if they take rest for short period. The range of treatment varies from taking short rest to surgical procedure for curing sacrolitis.

Your doctor will have to find out the reason or causative factor that causes pain and inflammation on the sacrolitic joint.

For mild range of pain, you can take complete rest for short period. Apply hot or cold compression over the affected area will provide immediate relief from swelling. Applying hot pad on the area will induce free blood flow thus reducing swelling. You can get relief from the pain if you alter the sleeping positions.

For moderate pain and swelling, you can buy over the counter medicines like Ibuprofen or acetaminophen and other anti inflammatory drugs.

In case of severe pain, you can use Ultram or Tramadol for relieving from pain. You can also apply muscle relaxants like Flexeril for reducing muscle spasms on the affected area. Some doctors will also give a shot of steroid injection on the sacroiliac joint for getting instant relief from pain. The medicine will be sent directly into the joint to give relief and to reduce the swelling. But ensure that you are taking this injection from an expert doctor accompanied with physiotherapist.

In case if the pain is caused due to factors like osteomyletis, then the person may require additional treatment.

After recovery you need to do some exercises like stretching and aerobic activities for keeping the sacrolitic joints flexible.

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