Rosacea – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Pictures, Home Remedies

Rosacea is similar to acne in symptoms and flaring. It is a common condition that causes red colored bumps or lesions on the face that may lasts for several weeks or even months. Rosacea is common among middle aged women unlike acne which is popular in teenagers. Fair skinned people are the primary target for rosacea and often it resolves on its own and there is no treatment for this skin problem. Medications and therapies can be given to control the symptoms. Typically red papules of small size develop on the nose and cheeks when you have rosacea. And this skin disease is seasonal having flare-ups followed by recession.

Symptoms :

There are 4 types of rosacea and the signs and symptoms may differ in the area of the skin it affects.

  1. In the ETR rosacea some of the common symptoms include swelling of skin, redness and flushing of face and visible blood vessels that are broken. The skin becomes very sensitive and the person may feel burning sensation. Further there can be scaly patches on the skin that becomes dry and rough.
  2. In acne rosacea, small papules or lesions (red colored) are seen on the cheeks and nose. The skin becomes dry and rough and broken blood vessels can be seen by naked eye.
  3. In the phymatous rosacea the skin becomes thicker than normal which can be visibly observed on the nose and chin. The skin on the cheeks and nose area becomes thick and this type is marked by large pores on the skin and broken blood vessels.
  4. In the ocular rosacea your eyes are largely affected. The eyes become dry, itchy and watery. Some people may feel presence of sand like thing in the eyes. It can cause burning sensation in the eyes and is marked by small cysts in the eyes. In rare cases the vision can get affected due to damaged blood vessels.

Overall, rosacea symptoms are marked by swelling of face, and facial redness.

Causes :

Exact cause of rosacea is not known but variety of factors can trigger rosacea. Factors like extreme stress emotions; eating spicy and oily foods, consuming alcohol (in excess) and extreme weather condition can trigger rosacea. Other external factors that cause rosacea include frequent change of cosmetics and medications that can dilate your blood vessels. Bacterial infection and exposure to skin mites can also cause rosacea.

Who Are At Risk ?

Rosacea can occur to anyone. But the risk is high if you are middle aged women (age group of 35-50 years). People who are fair complexioned and with blue eyes are prone to develop rosacea. And lastly, if your parents have rosacea you are more likely to develop this skin condition than others.


Diagnosis :

No special tests are necessary to detect rosacea. Your doctor may confirm this skin condition on mere physical examination. In case of ocular rosacea you would be referred to eye specialist who uses lighted instrument to examine the eyes.

Rosacea Treatment :

There is no cure for rosacea. Drugs can be given to manage the symptoms. Redness of the skin can be reduced by Mirvaso or brimonidine containing drugs. It is a topical cream applied to the area of the skin that is affected. It helps in constricting the blood vessels. It can reduce flare-ups and redness within a day but you have to continue using this gel until you see the desired results. Creams that contain azelaic acid and metronidazole can also be used for rosacea.


Oral antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial infection. Doxycycline and its group are given for reducing redness. Alternatively one can also use tetracycline group for rosacea which can help in reducing red colored papules. In severe cases isotretinoin therapy is given for treating acne like rosacea and lesions. Some of them include claravis and amnesteem which are very powerful in treating acne. Laser therapy is highly recommended to get quick results for rosacea. Laser beam (in controlled settings) is directly passed into the affected site to constrict the enlarged blood vessels. Phototherapy and electro-surgery are also done for rosacea. Do not delay the treatment for ocular rosacea since it can reduce your vision.

Rosacea Home Remedies :

  • Several home remedies are available for reducing redness and acne rosacea. But it takes a long period for getting the desired outcome.
  • It is good to do daily facial massage using homemade paste. Scrub your face once a week to remove dead cells.
  • Avoid fried foods and fatty items in your diet. Take plenty of fresh veggies and fruits.
  • Don’t go out in harsh sunlight and use sunscreen lotion liberally if you need to go out.
  • Avoid taking alcohol and quit smoking.
  • Rosacea and formation of redness and lesions is a gradual process. Hence it takes time for complete healing. It might take several weeks or even months to get the desired outcome. It is quite common for getting flare-ups after a period for many people.
  • Find support from groups to cope with this chronic condition. You need to understand and accept that millions of people across the world are suffering from this same problem.

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