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Ringworm is the infection of the skin caused by fungus. It can cause itchy rashes on the skin and ringworm is contagious. It can spread from infected person to another by sharing towels and soap. Ringworm can also spread from infected pet animals, when you touch and fondle them. Some of the symptoms of ringworm are itchy rash, burning sensation and red patches on the skin. Very often it takes the shape of ring like structure but it can also take other shapes. Ringworm grows well on moist areas and darkrooms and appears on the folds of the skin. It occurs on the areas of groin and inner thighs and sometimes on buttocks.

Ringworm looks like Athlete’s foot when it infects on hands. The palm becomes thick and develops red scaly patches. The area between the fingers will become moist and contain open sores. Your doctor will diagnose the presence of ringworm on physical examination of the infected area. In most of the cases, ringworm can be treated over the counter medications and creams. The rash will respond in one or two days after application of ointments and topical creams. In case if the ointment does not work, you have to consult your doctor. Untreated ringworm can develop into blisters which may be painful. It can appear in the form of cracks when the infection gets severe. You should take antibiotics for completely curing the fungus.

Since ringworm is contagious, you should avoid sharing things with others during the infected period. Ringworm can be prevented if you take little care and personal hygiene. Change your socks daily and do not share slippers. Avoid using public bathrooms without wearing sandals. The person who has athlete’s foot has more chance for getting ringworm and taking precaution is essential when using socks and wearing underwear.

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Ringworm Ringworm Ringworm Ringworm Ringworm Ringworm Ringworm Ringworm

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