Rash On Inner Thighs – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Pictures, Home Remedies

Getting rashes on the inner thighs is the most common problem faced by almost every person. It is not a symptom of any disease or it is not considered as a health issue. Rash can occur due to irritating contact of the skin with the undergarments and it is a condition in which the skin becomes red and itchy. Rash can occur on any part of the body but in this article we are discussing about the rash on inner thigh region, its causes, symptoms, treatments and home remedies.

Rash on Inner Thighs Causes :

  • Contact Dermatitis

Rash on inner thigh occur often due to contact dermatitis. Rubbing of skin of the inner thigh with one another or with the clothing can cause redness and itchy sensation on inner thighs. Some people may get acute rash on inner thigh while wearing new trousers or under-garments. The cloth (rough) can cause irritation on the skin leading to rash and itchy inner thighs.

  • Allergic Response

Many people can get rash on inner thigh due to allergic response. Eating allergic foods or medications can create rashes on your inner thighs. Foods like peanut, sea foods and fruits like strawberry and grapes can trigger allergic response in some people causing itchy rashes. You need to identify such foods and avoid them completely. Getting in touch with poison ivy and poison oak plants, its leaves, its stem or bark can provoke such reaction. In some cases it can become severe causing threatening symptoms like breathing difficulty, profuse sweating, vomiting and nausea needing emergency medical help.

  • Diseases

Skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and impetigo can cause allergic rash on the skin and inner thigh. Patients with psoriasis can get rashes anywhere in the skin and also inner thigh region. Red bumps or blisters are produced on the skin causing severe itching. Certain auto-immune disorders can cause skin rashes all over the body and also on the inner thighs. In such cases, the body’s defense mechanism would attack and destroy healthy cells causing itchy rashes.

  • New Soaps, Detergents

You are likely to develop inner thigh rash if you have recently changed to new soap or detergent or using any new cream on your skin. Certain products can trigger allergy reaction on your skin causing itchy rashes on the inner thighs and they are called skin irritants.

  • Walking or Jogging

People who have started cycling or walking exercise recently are more likely to get inner thigh rashes than others. The reason is simple. By brisk walking, the skin of the thigh region rubs against one another causing itchy rashes. The first reaction of the skin due to heat generated by cycling or jogging is formation of hot spot in the thigh region. If this is not taken care promptly it can further develop into folliculitis forming more numbers of blisters or bumps filled with pus. Itchy rash is quite common athletes who sweat a lot and particularly during summer. Wearing loose cotton clothing can help in absorption of sweat.

  • Infection

Infection caused by any micro-organisms like bacteria, fungus or virus can cause rash and itchy feeling on the inner thigh. The area is very dark and moist and is the most favorable environment for any kind of parasitic growth. Inner thigh rash can be caused by Candida or ringworm parasite or due to vulgaris.

Some people who have sex with multiple partners are at risk of developing sexual diseases along with itchy rashes on inner thighs and groin and even on the genitals. HSV virus can spread easily from person to person through genital sex or oral sex.

  • Nappy Rash

Infants are prone to develop inner thigh rashes due to wrong usage of nappies. Diaper should not be left for long duration with urine or other excretion. It can cause skin irritation to the soft gentle skin of your baby and can even cause infection. Taking enough care for changing diapers frequently and using cotton clothing instead of nappies can help in solving this problem.

  • Jock’s Itch

Jock’s itch also known as Tinea cruris is a type of fungal infection caused by excess of sweat or moisture on the skin. Jock’s itch is contagious and spreads to other parts of the body if the person scratches the itchy area with his/her fingers or nails. This kind of fungal infection spreads rapidly on the inner thighs, buttocks and on the groin region. Jock’s itch can cause redness, flaky skin, burning pain, and persistent itching. Jock’s itch is also called as Dhobie itch if the infection spreads by not washing the clothes correctly.

Rash on inner thigh

Other Causes :

Diseases like impetigo, erythema nodosum, measles, chicken pox, meningitis, ringworm, Rocky Mountain fever and strep throat can also cause rashes on inner thigh. Extreme weather conditions, intake of new medications and serious disorders like arthritis can also cause rashes on the skin and inner thigh region.

Rash On Inner Thighs Symptoms :

Rash on inner thigh can cause signs like redness, itching, bumps or blisters and in severe cases burning pain. Some people can get scaly patches, red colored painful sores on the inner thigh due to allergy. If the rash is formed due to allergic response it may cause life threatening symptoms like breathlessness, dizziness, choking and mental imbalance. In such condition, the patient should be given immediate medical care to prevent complications.

Medical Treatment :

Treatment for inner thigh rashes depends entirely on the cause. In case of bacterial infection, your doctor would prescribe antibiotics. For treating fungal infections like Jock’s itch you can use antifungal creams like Candid or clotrimazole ointment. For treating rashes formed due to diseases like eczema steroids are prescribed in suitable strength. This helps in reducing inflammation of the skin and gradually decreases itchy sensation.

Anti allergic drugs and antihistamines (both oral and topical) are given for reducing itchy skin rashes. It helps in reducing redness and blister formation and control itching to large extent. For psoriasis and other skin conditions, combination of oral medications and therapy like phototherapy is recommended. UV rays are focused on the affected skin area to reduce inflammation and itchy skin. Retinoid based cream enriched with Vitamin A are effective in treating rash of inner thighs. In case of auto-immune disorder your doctor may prescribe immune suppressant medications like cyclosporine to reduce flare-up of psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Rash on inner thigh

Rash on Inner Thighs Home Remedies :

  • Cold Compress – Place some ice cubs on a clean soft cloth and place it on the inner thigh rash for few minutes. It not only helps in reducing inflammation but also cools the nerve endings so that you will not feel the burning pain anymore. Repeat this simple remedy number of times a day.
  • Baking Soda – Soda is effective in drying out the rashes quickly and in reducing inflammation. Make a paste of baking soda by adding few drops of water and apply it on the rash region of inner thighs. Leave it for few minutes before washing. Repeat this process 3 times a day and you can see for yourself that itching has reduced considerably.
  • Oatmeal – Add 2-3 cups of oatmeal into the bathtub of lukewarm water. Immerse your body for half-an-hour. Even babies and children can be treated with this simple remedy to reduce itchy rashes.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Dip a cotton ball in the solution of vinegar and apply it gently on the affected skin area. Spread the apple cider vinegar solution in and around the thighs for few minutes and allow it to dry. You can repeat this remedy for several times a day until you are free from itchy rash.
  • Tea – Tea bags are simple yet effective home remedy for treating inner thigh rashes. Chamomile tea or Mint tea is effective in reducing inflammation and has antibacterial property to get rid of infection. Rinse the affected skin area with water soaked with tea bags to get the desired effect.
  • Olive Oil – Anti-oxidant property of olive oil is useful in clearing off the rashes and itchy feeling. Apply few drops of olive oil on your finger and gently rub this on the inner thigh region. You can do this remedy before going to bed and allow it to dry. This is a quick home remedy for getting rid of inner thigh rashes.
  • Coriander – Make a paste of coriander leaves by crushing it and apply this paste on the inner thighs. Leave it to dry for 20 minutes before washing it off.
  • Vitamin Treatment – Vitamin C powder or ointment can be effective in treating skin rashes. You can consume vitamin C rich fruits and also try vitamin D creams for getting quick relief from itchy skin of inner thigh.

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