Privacy Policy understands the importance of our users’ privacy when they use our website or any of its social media pages and media forms that are related to our website for the purpose of searching and reading materials based on a variety of human-inflicted diseases or simply for viewing our website.

This Privacy Policy page has been created to inform our users about the different types of information that we collect about you when you visit or use our website. It will also inform you about how we disclose and use your information and what rights you have as a user regarding the information collected on this website. Information about the changes that are made to the provisions of this Privacy Policy is mentioned at the end of this page. When you visit the website, only the current provisions of this Privacy Policy will apply. Thus, we’d advise our users to check the ‘Last Revision’’ date mentioned at the bottom of this policy and review the changes that have been made since your last visit on our website.

Our website is only subject to the state and federal law of (U.S). If you belong to another jurisdiction and wish to access our website, all the information that we collect through this website will be transferred to (U.S). By using our website, you accept this transfer of information and use this website only as per the state and federal law of (U.S).

Moreover, if you belong to another jurisdiction with regulations and laws that govern the use of internet, you accept that you will follow such regulations and laws in full while using this website. If using our website is unlawful under your jurisdiction then you are not advised to use this website.

By accessing or using this website, you agree that you accept the following Privacy Policy.

Non-Personal Information

  • Collection - Non-Personal Information is the information that does not allow us to identify individual users without the help of additional data. We generally collect this information through the user’s web browser and this information can include the users IP address, browser information, information about your operating system, location from where the users landed on our website, the pages the user visits on our website and the website that the user navigates to after leaving our website.
  • Use - We collect the Non-Personal Information only for the purpose of understanding how users use our website and if they understand the trends and patterns in use. With the help of this information we try to improve our website to ensure that the users have access to the best of services on our website.
  • Disclosure - We can share your Non-Personal Information with our affiliates and third parties for the purpose of developing and delivering customized advertising on our as well as the third party’s website. We can also share this information with our investors, advertisers and advisors to carry out standard business analysis.

Personal Information

  • Collection - Personal Information is the information that can be used to identify specific users. We collect this type of information directly from the users and it can include, Name, Email Address, Residence Address, Contact Number, etc. We collect this information from the users when they register themselves on our website, leave comments or feedbacks on our articles and blogs, and communicate with us. We might also ask for a user’s personal information through other means, but only after receiving consent from the user.
  • Use - We use this information for the purpose of creating your account on our website, sending emails or to reply to your queries, comments and feedbacks. It is not compulsory for any user to provide their personal information to us. However, the users who do not wish to share their personal information might not be able to access some of the services or parts of our website.
  • Disclosure - We will share your personal information with someone only if it is required by the law. We will help in protecting the rights of an individual or an entity, our direct mail partners and service providers that carry out a variety of tasks on our website on our behalf, or another company if we ever transfer business or file for bankruptcy.

Cookies Usage

Our website uses cookies to provide users with a customized browsing experience. A cookie is a string of information that is sent by our website and stored on your computer system with the help of your browser. This information allows us to understand your browsing pattern on our website and lets us provide you with materials, advertisement and services that you might like. Cookies are not harmful for your system in any way. If you do not want us to send cookies on your system, you can change your browser’s preferences accordingly before visiting our website. However, if you do not accept the cookies from our website some features or parts of our website may not be available to you.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

We also send DoubleClick DART cookies on your system which help us to understand how successful our marketing campaigns are. If you have set your browser preferences to decline the cookies from our website, apart from the standard cookies, the DoubleClick DART Cookies will not be sent to your system.

Third Party and Affiliate Ads

Third party advertising companies are used by us to serve ads on our website. These companies might use cookies which will contain information about your visit to our as well as other websites. This information is used by these companies to understand your preferences and provide you with ads that you might like. The ads are only available on our website for the convenience of the users and we do not manage or endorse these ads. Thus, only the cookies sent by our website will be governed by the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Moreover, purposes like clicking on such ads, visiting their websites, using their contents, products or services should only be done at your own will. We will not be responsible for any of the losses that you might suffer by clicking or using these websites and their contents, products or services.


We take every possible physical, electronic, administrative and personnel measure to ensure that your personal information is well-protected from alteration, theft, misuse or loss. However, we would also like to mention that none of the measures that we use are 100% secure and cannot eliminate every possible risk.


In case of any query or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Last Revision : (29/2/2016)