Plantar Fibromatosis

Plantar fibromatosis is a wound healing disorder which has excess of collagen and fiber tissue on the affected area. The damaged part of the feet will develop hard nodular masses that can be felt under the skin while standing or walking. It occurs on elderly persons and middle aged people and does not heal on its own. This condition can cause discomfort and pain while standing and walking.

Symptoms :

Development of nodular tissues under the bottom of the feet is the only sign of this disorder. Excess of collagen or fibrotic tissue is seen growing beneath the feet and can be felt by touching the affected area. This underlying collagen mass is called fibroma.

There would be constant irritating pain and discomfort when the person walks or stands for long hours. The pain would keep on increasing while walking and will subside if the person takes rest for a while. These tissue growths would also grow in size if the treatment is delayed.

Causes :

The exact cause why plantar fibromatosis occurs only on certain individuals is not known. However if a person is subjected to foot injury he or she has more chances of getting this disorder than others. The injury can be in the form of small puncture on the bottom of foot or may be due to tear because of constant running activity and sports events. The trauma would literally tear the tissue causing growth of collagen and tissue.

Genetic factor is also another reason for getting plantar fibromatosis. Individuals with diseases like Peyronie’s disorder and Dupuytren’s disease are prone to develop this disorder also.

Certain powerful medicines belonging to group of beta adrenergic blocking agents may also cause this disease. Even drugs like phenytoin given for epilepsy are known to cause tissue growth under the feet. In addition, patients who have chronic problems like diabetes, seizure and liver disease may have indirect effect on healing of wounds.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor may physically examine the feet and also ask you to do MRI scan or ultrasound scan for detecting the intensity of growth.

Pictures of Plantar Fibromatosis :

Images, Pictures, Pics, Photos of Plantar Fibromatosis

Plantar Fibromatosis Plantar Fibromatosis Plantar Fibromatosis Plantar Fibromatosis Plantar Fibromatosis Plantar Fibromatosis Plantar Fibromatosis Plantar Fibromatosis
Treatment :

Depending on the intensity of growth of tissue and collagen, the treatment is decided by your doctor.
Invasive treatment includes giving corticosteroid injections to the patients. For some people, surgery is done for removing fibroma or nodular growth and for others the surgeon will totally remove the plantar fascia in case of severe infection and growth of tissue.

Non invasive methods of treating plantar fibromatosis are by prescribing drugs and exercises. Simple stretching exercises are to be done by the affected persons along with application of transdermal verapamil gel.

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