Penile Yeast Infection

Men will commonly have penile infection caused by fungus by name Candida albicans. Each person will have millions of yeast naturally in the body but not all of them will create problem or infection. Yeast creates infection only if exceeds in number and grows rapidly. Candida thrives in moist and dark places like armpits, groin and male genitals. It can also develop on fingernails and areas that have folds of skin. Yeast not only affects genitals but also your mouth and armpits.

Symptoms :

There will be intense itching and irritation along with discomfort. Some men will have pain during intercourse. It will form red bumps or rashes on the penis making it swollen. The foreskin on the top of penis will get affected and there will be development of inflammation. Many of them will have burning sensation while urinating and during sexual activity.

There are men who do not have any symptoms at all when penis gets infected. It would turn the head or tip of the penis swollen and reddish. Those who have symptoms will have signs like that of genital herpes.

Causes :

Very often sexual intercourse is the major cause for men getting yeast infection. If a man have sexual activity with a woman with Candida he is likely to get that infection from her. Hence it is wise to have sex with known partners and that too follow safe sex pattern. In case you have infection it is better to stay away from sex until the infection gets completely cured. If you still have idea of having sex with infection, then you are likely to transmit the infection to your partner.

Prolonged use of antibiotics can cause penile yeast infection. Many of us would be advised to take strong antibiotics for cold and other health issues and this may cause infection. The antibiotics will fight with the good yeast and destroy them giving space for bad yeast which multiples causing infection.

If you are diabetic then there is increased chance of getting yeast infection. Presence of sugar in the urine will obviously invite yeast to develop and multiply in the genitals.

Treatment :

Candid albicans can be treated with antifungal medications like clotrimazole and fluconazole. It is wise to apply topical ointments that contain nystatin or fluconazole on the affected area. Normally 150mg of tablet is given orally for destroying yeast infection in the genitals. But you may be asked to repeat the course if it does not respond to the drug.

You can use Monistat over the counter medicine for treating yeast infection in penis.

Penile yeast infection can be treated by self care and homemade remedies. Apply yogurt on the affected area and leave it overnight. You can find lot of difference in the morning and all your inflammation would have gone.

Prevention :

You need to play safe sex and avoid having sex with multiple partners. By taking little extra care in cleaning your genitals you can avoid yeast infection, even before they start. Eat healthy foods and do regular exercise and sleep well to eliminate stress in your life.

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