Paresthesia is sudden change in sensation in the affected area. The changes will be only temporary and does not cause any long-term changes in the body. The feeling of pain or change is experienced by the person who has neurological problem. For instance the person may feel sudden pain or tingling sensation in the waist which is short-lived.

Paresthesia is of two type namely chronic and acute paresthesia. Some people will experience a feeling of chillness or numbness on the affected region only for an instant and later they will not feel anything abnormal. Transient paresthesia is one that occurs due to external causes like wearing tight clothes, for instance opening of mouth suddenly when witnessing a traumatic event. It occurs often in the legs and hands and sometimes on mouth. Chronic paresthesia is due to the error in the signals of neuron. It is something like swelling or inflammation or a condition. It may range from very small pinching sensation to tumor in the brain.

Paresthesia is caused due to medical condition, due to accidents or sometimes due to medical procedure. When a person observes sudden numbness or change in sensation he should consult a neurologist to monitor the changes. When the blood supply gets disrupted due to plague formation (peripheral vascular disease) it can damage the neurons. In some cases, paresthesia occurs due to deficiency of vitamins and nutrients.

Treatment for paresthesia is available in the form of medicines and therapy. The doctor will diagnose the health condition of the patient and prescribe corticosteroid drugs like predinisone, or start intravenous globulin injection to boost the immunity. Use of topical ointments can alleviate the symptoms temporarily. The simple home-remedy for paresthesia is just shaking the head gently from one side to other which will remove the block in nerve signals.

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