Pain Around Belly Button

Pain is a feeling interpreted by the brain that something is wrong in the body. Brain conveys signal to the nerves which is felt as pain and not all the pain are felt with the same intensity. Some are mild and some are severe and few are very intense and throbbing. Similarly pain around belly button can vary from mild to severe depending on the cause of the problem.

Pain can be felt around belly button due to gas formation in the stomach and due to wrong eating habits. There are some serious medical conditions like infection in the pancreas, appendicitis and ulcers and Crohn’s disease that can cause intense pain on the belly button area. Treatment is based on the cause of pain.

Belly Pain Types and Nature :

As said earlier, pain around belly button can be mild and subtle for some people and severe for others depending on the cause. The condition of the person can become serious if the underlying cause is severe. Belly pain can become extreme and sharp preventing you to make any movement.

For some people pain can be occasional but for some others it can be recurrent. It is necessary to describe about the nature of pain and its consistency to your doctor so that he could make right diagnosis. Belly pain can develop due to accumulation of gas which is mild in nature. But if you feel throbbing pain in the belly button and if the intensity of pain increases over time it can be due to more serious causes like appendicitis or pancreatitis or ulcers.

Causes :

There are less severe problems like viral infection on the stomach or urinary tract and overeating causing pain around belly button. However there can be pain due to major causes like pancreatitis or appendicitis or ulcerous growth on the stomach or intestine. Hence you need to be careful in identifying the cause and nature of pain.

  • Cystitis :

Belly pain can be caused by urinary tract infection. Women are more prone to develop UT infection which may even spread to kidneys. In addition to pain around belly button cystitis can cause symptoms like cloudy urine and blood discharge in urine.

  • Stomach Infection :

Any type of viral or bacterial infection can occur in the stomach causing intense pain in the belly area. Inflammation can develop due to infection causing symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Allergic Medicines :

Certain medications can cause allergic reaction affecting your stomach inflecting pain around belly button. Allergy can occur if your body refuses to absorb the given drugs causing pain in the stomach and other digestive side effects.

  • Food Poisoning :

Undercooked meat and infected food items can cause food poisoning causing symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and bloated sensation. Severe gas can build up in the stomach putting pressure on the belly button causing severe pain. Similarly overeating can cause gas formation.

Pain Around Belly Button

  • Surgical Procedures :

Any type of surgery in the abdomen can cause pain in the stomach in addition to other symptoms. Pain around belly button can occur until the wound heals completely.

  • Pregnancy :

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and due to the expansion of uterus to accommodate the growing fetus stomach pain can develop in many women. Serious problems like fallopian pregnancy can cause intense pain on the belly button and pelvic region.

  • Hernia :

Hernia can develop when part of the stomach organ like tissues; bladder or bowels are pushed out from its normal position. Hernia can cause belly button pain and the pain gets increased as the person bends over or walks. In such cases surgical intervention is needed to push the protruding organ inside in its place.

  • Pancreatitis :

Pancreatic infection can cause severe pain around belly button apart from symptoms like fever, nausea and vomiting.

  • Infection on the Intestine :

Any type of infection in the small/large intestine can cause severe pain in the abdomen. Various other medical conditions like stomach ulcer, Crohn’s disease (inflammation of bowel) and appendicitis (rupture of appendix) and gallstone formation can cause consistent pain on the abdomen.

Diagnosis :

As mentioned earlier, belly button pain can be mild, moderate or severe. Your doctor would listen to the symptoms and order for series of tests like endoscopy, abdominal scan and colonoscopy to find out the actual cause.

Treatment :

No treatment is required for mild form of belly button pain caused by gas formation. Taking antacids regularly and eating balanced diet can give relief from the symptoms. For problems due to medical conditions like hernia, appendicitis or pancreatic infection suitable treatments are to be given in the form of surgery and medications. Antibiotics are prescribed for treating stomach infection. Treatment varies according to the cause of abdominal pain.

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