Oral Gonorrhea

Many people believe that having oral sex is safe for reducing the chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases. However practicing oral sex can land you in trouble if your partner is affected with syphilis or gonorrhea. It does not matter whether you exchange body fluids through genitals or by saliva orally. Still you are prone to infection of getting oral gonorrhea when you engage in sexual activity of fondling the partner’s genitals or anus or rectum with your mouth. It is not considered to be safe sex by many medical practitioners.

Oral gonorrhea is also called as pharyngeal gonorrhea is a kind of STD infection in which the pharynx of the body is attacked by gram negative bacteria. Neisseria gonorrhoaeaea is the name of the bacteria that causes oral gonorrhea. The bacteria mix with the vaginal fluids of the body and enter into the partner’s body through oral mucus membranes. The bacteria then find its way into the pharynx and in most of the cases the disease is without any symptoms. In some cases, there may be sore throat and slight discomfort while swallowing and drinking. It looks like strep throat when it gets infected by this virus and for some there may be white spots.

Doctors believe that using condoms cannot protect you from infection since there is every chance for the secretions to pass through it. Oral gonorrhea can be treated by strong antibiotics drugs prescribed by your medical practitioner.

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Oral Gonorrhea Oral Gonorrhea Oral Gonorrhea Oral Gonorrhea Oral Gonorrhea Oral Gonorrhea

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