Nipple Piercing Infection

Nipple is pierced by both men and women for adding more sexual attraction. Normally they wear a ring or barbell at the base of the nipple. The area of nipple is so soft and sensitive and hence prone to easy infection and in case you are not taking proper care, it may take long time to heal.

In most of the cases, nipple infection occurs due to repeated fondling and touching of the piercing area. When your partner plays with the nipple area, it may introduce new bacteria into the site. Even saliva contains millions of bacteria and hence care must be taken when you engage in sexual play with nipple, in case it if it is pierced.

Sometimes, if the piercer do not use sterile needle while piercing the nipple, it may cause infection. The same needle should not be used for another person without washing it hot water. Hence choose the best piercer in your area for getting things done.

In case of nipple infection, the area may develop swelling along with the discharge of yellowish green fluid. Sometimes foul smell may arise from the nipple and even rash may develop in the surrounding area. Avoid rubbing the area and wear only loose clothing to maintain free flow of air. You should consult your doctor at once for treating the bacterial infection with proper antibiotics. In some cases, the infection may also lead to rejection, thus forcing the skin to close. If the piercer does not uses enough skin to hold the jewelry it can lead to rejection and closure of skin.

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