Neck Spasm

The muscles are made up of tissues and fibers, and when the fibers contract suddenly, there can be spasm. This sudden contraction of neck muscles gives rise to neck spasm. It can occur just for few minutes or for long period making the person uncomfortable. Muscle spasms occur involuntarily and it can happen to any person (even for healthy individual) of any age. Sometimes these spasms can be painful and can paralyze the individual to some extent.

Symptoms :

When a person gets neck spasm, there is chance for his other joints get locked up. The most common symptom is the inability to move his neck and arresting his mobility to certain extent. There may be pain and discomfort in the neck and back region and it may last for days or even weeks. It can cause painful knots on the muscles and sometimes, number of muscles gets locked during the process of contraction.

In addition, neck spasms will also affect the muscles in the adjacent areas. The above symptoms may also occur in the face or in the head and even on the shoulders. The person will feel tired, weak and he would complain of tingling pain and numbness in the affected area if he gets a neck spasm.

Stiffness of neck and pain is seen in all kinds of neck spasm.

Causes :

Spinal anatomy can be a cause for neck spasm. Ischemia can trigger muscle knot in some people. Sometimes injury to the tissue can create neck spasm. Trauma due to car accident may develop into muscle injury in the neck or vertebral column. Actually, the muscles in the neck start developing muscle contractions involuntarily. Due to sudden twitching of muscles, the fiber react positively thereby becoming tight and stiff which in turn creates intense pain. Further the neck spasm will also block the normal blood flow in the affected region.

Deficiency of vitamins and nutrients can cause muscle spasm. When there is shortage of Vitamin B12, it can affect the normal functions of the muscles causing spasms.

Sometimes, sleeping in awkward position for long period can cause muscle twitches creating spasm in the neck and shoulder.

Pictures of Neck Spasm :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Neck Spasm

Neck Spasm Neck Spasm Neck Spasm Neck Spasm Neck Spasm Neck Spasm Neck Spasm Neck Spasm
Treatment :

Number of treatment options is available for curing neck spasm. A simple massage in the affected area can give relief from pain facilitating normal blood flow. You can also apply hot compresses on the neck and shoulder muscles to get some relief. Alternatively, you can use ice pack for managing pain of neck spasm.

You can use muscle relaxant ointment and pain balms to get instant relief from pain. Mediated balms can be obtained over the counter and be used for treating neck spasm.

If you have severe pain, then you can use drugs like Ibuprofen or Paracetomol, for getting relief from pain. Very rarely, doctors would prescribe narcotic painkiller drugs such as hydrocodone and propoxyphene for treating neck spasm.

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