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The squamous cells which are found as a thin lining in mouth and nose become carcinogenic causing neck cancer. By repeated chewing of tobacco and consumption of alcohol may turn the squamous cells inside the oral cavity into cancer causing cells. Very often neck cancer is caused by these cells and that too it is found only in persons who are in the habit of smoking or drinking. HPV virus may also cause neck cancer which may start in the base of the tongue causing tonsils. A small lump or lesion is seen in the oral cavity along with sore throat. The person may have difficulty in eating and drinking and in some people change in voice may be observed.

Treatment of neck cancer varies with respect to the intensity of the illness and also on the location of tumor. Several types of treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and combination of one or more treatment are available. After the treatment, the patient will be asked to regular follow up to avoid any possibility of spread of cancer into other parts.

Pictures of Neck Cancer :

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