Nasal Polyps

The polyps (tumor like growth) that develops on the nose is called nasal polyp. It can occur either in nose or sinuses. It may develop in both passages of the nose causing serious obstruction of air flow. The affected person may not be able to smell properly and will have breathing difficulty.

Causes :

When there is inflammation in the lining of the nose for long time, nasal polyps can occur. There is chance for getting nasal polyps, when the person gets affected with hay fever. Children who have cystic fibrosis are prone to get cancerous growth or tumor in the nasal cavity.

It is necessary to monitor what medicines you take if you have nasal polyps. People who have asthma should never take aspirin since it may lead to shortness of breath.

Symptoms :

Some of the symptoms of nasal polyps are difficulty in breathing, poor sense of smelling, continuous discharge of fluid from the nose, stiffness in the nose and face and frequent sinus infection that do not respond to drugs.

Diagnoses :

ENT doctor will examine the affected nose for the above symptoms and he identifies the presence of yellow colored mass on the nose. Using nasal endoscope he can easily detect the polyps. If needed, CT scan may be done for determining the growth and exact location of the polyps.

Treatment :

Nasal polyps of small size can be easily removed using nasal spray that contains corticosteroids. They are powerful to shrink down the tumor and prevent the nose from further infection.

If the size of the polyp is large, then your doctor may recommend surgery. The surgery may be serious if the polyps are deep blocking the nasal passage. The surgeon may insert endoscope inside the nasal cavity to cut the polyps. The surgery can be outpatient or inpatient depending on the intensity and growth of polyps. After removing the polyps, it will be sent for biopsy for detecting any cancerous growth.

Pictures of Nasal Polyps :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyps Nasal Polyps Nasal Polyps Nasal Polyps
Prevention :

You cannot prevent from getting nasal polyps through any means. However you can manage its growth by taking corticosteroid sprays regularly as per the instructions of your doctor.

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