Mumps is otherwise called as Epidemic parotitis, which is a contagious disease. It causes problem with salivary glands and sometimes, it may develop into serious complications like brain fever and encephalitis or even deafness. The best way to prevent this viral infection is to get vaccinated.

Causes :

Mumps is caused by virus and it attacks only human population and is transmitted by saliva or droplets of saliva in the air. Apart from attacking salivary glands, it may also spread to other organs like pancreas and central nervous system, causing serious complications.

Symptoms :

Fever, muscle pain, loss of appetite, pain on the face, swelling of parotid gland and severe inflammation in the temples of jaw are some of the common symptoms of mumps. You will get these symptoms within 48 hours of the viral infection.

Parotid gland is a type of salivary gland found anterior of the ears and swelling of this gland may cause difficulty in swallowing and drinking. It becomes soft and tender and may cause pain in the ears.

However 20% of the people with mumps will have no symptoms and about 50% may have respiratory problems also. Mumps develop on both children and adults.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor has to be smart enough to detect and identify mumps using the symptoms alone. There are laboratory tests which would only support his findings. He would look for parotid gland enlargement and confirm the disease.

Treatment :

No treatment is available for mumps, but the symptoms can be relived using medicines. Analgesics like acetaminophen and ibuprofen will help in reducing pain and discomfort caused in the face region and jaw.

Applying warm or cold compressions will help in curing inflammation. But remember to take plenty of fluids and if possible include only soft foods in your diet.

The pain and swelling will settle within a week or 10 days.

Complications :

Mumps can give rise to serious complications if not diagnosed. It can cause meningitis, encephalitis and deafness.

Pictures of Mumps :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Mumps

Mumps Mumps Mumps Mumps Mumps Mumps Mumps
Prevention :

Taking vaccination is the only way to prevent this viral disease. Largely, school children are affected with mumps in winter season. Hence it is necessary to take MMR vaccine to protect your child from rubella, mumps and measles.

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