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A painful swelling developed on the lower neck portion is called mumps. It is caused by virus which creates inflammation of salivary glands. The disease is highly contagious and can easily spread from the affected person’s saliva or droplets to others. Mumps very often affects children of age group between 2 to 12. Severe cases of mumps can affect central nervous system and pancreas. Sore throat, fever, headache, swelling of jaw is some of the symptoms of this disease. The virus will be under incubation period for 10-15 days once it enters the body.

Vaccination is the best method to prevent mumps. No exact treatment is available for curing this disease. Applying ice pack on the portion of swelling can reduce pain and inflammation. It is better to give the children soft liquids since they may have difficulty in drinking and swallowing. It is necessary to keep the child hydrated to avoid further complication. Ask the child to gargle the mouth with lukewarm salt water to reduce the intensity of pain and sore throat.

Pictures of Mumps :

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