MRSA Staph Infection – Home Remedies, Treatment

Antibiotics are not the only cure for MRSA infection. It can be treated with some of the household products available in every home. Nature has gifted us with some precious anti-inflammatory properties in the form of honey, turmeric and garlic. In this article, you will get to know about the top home remedies for treating MRSA skin infection.

  • Honey Manuka :

Manuka honey is not ordinary honey that we buy in the supermarket but is a special kind of natural remedy. This honey has exceptional antibacterial property and by applying few drops on the affected skin, it would heal quickly by destroying the infection causing bacteria.

  • Tea Tree Oil :

If you cannot find Manuka honey you can easily treat MRSA infection with tea tree oil. Apply few drops of this excellent oil on the infected skin to get complete relief from pain and infection. The wound would dry quickly and so the infection.

  • Olive Oil :

Olive oil is an excellent antibiotic which can be used for healing of wounds. It also helps in triggering immune system of the body to produce more antibodies to fight any infection naturally.

  • Thyme :

Applying Thyme oil on the skin wounds or cuts can cause irritation. You need to bear with it for getting cure from MRSA infection. Alternatively you can drink few drops of this oil for getting the same benefit.


  • Garlic :

Garlic is proven to have antibiotic property which helps in healing of wounds. Crush few garlic pods and apply the juice on the infection skin for easy healing.

  • Turmeric and Sandalwood :

Make a paste of turmeric and sandalwood extract and apply it on the infected area. It gives immediate relief from pain and arrests further growth of bacteria.

  • Grapefruit Seed :

Extract of grapefruit seed can be applied on the wound to cure MRSA infection.

  • Eucalyptus Oil :

Eucalyptus oil is a good source of anti-inflammatory agent. Take few drops of this oil and apply it on the wound directly. It gives soothing relief from pain and blisters on the skin.

What Would Be The Feelings Of A Person Infected With Chronic MRSA ?

Patients with mild form of MRSA infection can be cured fully with regular antibiotics. But a person with weakened immunity or with long-term ailment can get recurrent infections of MRSA.

Psychologically Affected :

On such conditions, the doctor should address the feelings of the patient along with medical treatment. This type of chronic infection can very much upset the emotional well-being of the person and can cause anger, anxiety and depression. Young children and older adults would have weak immunity and have increased risk of getting infected.

Osteomyelitis :

In rare cases MRSA infection can spread to the bone causing deformity also. If left untreated for long duration, bacteria can totally damage the bones resulting in amputation of the affected part. This condition can cause major disability and hence MRSA infection should be treated completely for speed recovery. Osteomyelitis can develop in hand or leg bone and can cause symptoms like swelling, severe pain in the affected area. The patient would not be able to move the affected hand due to severe pain.

MRSA Pneumonia :

If MRSA staph bacteria enter into the blood it can affect the lungs causing inflammation (swelling) of lungs. This can cause signs like persistent cough, chest pain, fever, sweating, and shortness of breath and muscle pain. A person with weak immunity can develop MRSA pneumonia if he stays in the intensive care unit for long or if he is put on artificial lung machine like ventilator.

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