MRI Machine

MRI scan is done on laboratories and hospitals for finding out the exact intensity of the disease and injury in particular area. MRI is the short form of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is an advanced form of instrument that tests the person for giving accurate results of the underlying problem. You need not have to do any preparation for taking MRI scan. No need for dieting and staying on empty stomach for getting this test done.

MRI machine can test any part of the body from the most complicated brain to the less severe leg injury and sprain. You will be asked to wear special gown while testing is done on you. Further you should remove jewelry, goggles and other accessories like you do for taking X-ray. The machine will create radio waves for getting detailed images of your body, giving specific focus for the underlying disease or problem. It takes from 10-30 minutes for completing a MRI scan, depending on the site which is studied for imaging.

MRI machine do not hurt and you will be placed inside a long cubicle which takes you down into a circular area. The procedure is very much like that of ordinary X-ray except it is done on big machine. The instrument is extensively used for studying the damage of brain injury which gives correct picture of the extent of damage.

Pictures of MRI Machine :

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Open MRI Machine Open MRI Machine MRI Machine MRI Machine MRI Machine MRI Machine

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