Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are small to moderate sized lesions inside the mouth (oral cavity). Very often, they represent aphthous ulcers called as canker sores. It appears as painful ulcers on the individuals when they are stressed and weak with immunity level. Mouth sores can also develop due to Crohn’s syndrome and Behcet’s syndrome. Rarely mouth sores may turn cancerous. They cause intense pain making it difficult to eat and drink. It can develop on the upper lips, on the gums and inside the oral cavity. Generally it will not last for more than a week and dry away on its own.

Causes :

Mouth sores can be caused by viral infection of herpes simplex virus. Usually they remain on our mouth most of the time and are dormant. When you have any infection or fever or if your immune system is weakened for some reasons, it may become active, causing mouth sores or lesions on the mouth.

Smoking and drinking and using tobacco in any form may give rise to mouth sores.

Are mouth sores contagious ?

Mouth sores can spread easily from one person to another by skin contact and through droplets of saliva. It can affect the same person on his eyes and genitals causing more trouble.

Symptoms :

White or reddish spots or lesions are seen on the lips and inner lining of the mouth. It may occur on the roof of the oral cavity and on any place inside the mouth. It may occur in groups or single causing pain and difficulty in swallowing.

Diagnoses :

Your physician will examine the neck, face and the mouth. He pays special attention to the floor and roof of the mouth and the area under the tongue is mostly affected. Presence of lesions is indicative of mouth sores.

Pictures of Mouth Sores :

Images, pics, Pictures and Photos of Mouth Sores

Mouth Sores Mouth Sores Mouth Sores Mouth Sores Mouth Sores Mouth Sores
Treatment :

Antiviral ointments are given for treating mouth sores. Topical ointments that contain 5% acyclovir are also prescribed. But it will wither and fall off within a week or so and generally does not require any treatment. Ointments containing corticosteroids like triamcinolone are given for immediate relief from pain. Any type of treatment given is aimed in providing relief from the symptoms.

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