Morquio Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

This syndrome is caused by lack of continuity in the breaking up of sugar molecules due to absence of muco-polysaccharides. For this reason this disorder is medically called as Galactosamine 6 sulfatase deficiency and mucopolysaccharidosis. This disorder is inherited by birth and it can cause various disorders called Hurler syndrome, Hunter syndrome and Scheie syndrome.

Morquio Syndrome Causes :

Morquio syndrome is inherited from parents. This disorder belongs to autosomal recessive trait, meaning that both father and mother should pass the gene to you for getting this disorder. Two types of M. Syndrome is observed as Type A and B. In the Type A the person will not have that enzyme totally and in the second type the enzyme production will not be sufficient.

Morquio Syndrome Symptoms :

Bones development will be abnormal and spinal cord will be longer than usual size. They will have bell shaped chest with protruding ribs. The facial features will be irregular and they will have problems in every joint. There will be a knock in knees and children will be large headed and short structure.

Diagnoses :

This disorder can be easily identified by looking at the above symptoms. Some may have heart murmur, liver enlargement and loss of function of nerve below the neck region. For some people, blood culture, echo, hearing test and X-rays are taken for checking the ribs and bones structure.

Treatment :

Treatment can be given only for reducing the symptoms and there is no cure for Morquio syndrome, since it is inherited. Corrective surgeries can be done for heart, ears and vision problems. Spinal fusion can be done for preventing further damage to the spine.

Pictures of Morquio Syndrome :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Morquio Syndrome

Morquio Syndrome Morquio Syndrome Morquio Syndrome Morquio Syndrome
Prevention :

Nothing can be done to prevent this disorder, because children inherit this by birth. Genetic counseling can be done for prospective parents.

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