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Monroe piercing is also known as Madonna piercing which is the piercing is done on the center of upper lip. Famous models like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna have done piercing in this area and hence the name Monroe piercing is given. Women love to wear labret stud on the top of upper lip for adding more glamour. Piercing should not be done at home and visit the nearest piercer for getting your Monroe pierced.

Normally it takes about 7 weeks to completely heal if you have done with Monroe piercing. The chance of getting Monroe infection is very less since it does not directly connect to the mouth. If piercing is not done using clean and sanitary needles it may give rise to infection. Make sure that you are rinsing the mouth after every meal to avoid any infection. You can use medicated mouth wash solution for rinsing. Touching the Monroe very often with your hands can cause infection. Before going to bed, wash your mouth with salt water which will destroy any bacterial growth on it.

Clean the jewel regularly and rinse the piece with antibacterial soap before wearing it. You can detect Monroe piercing infection by foul smell and pus discharge from the lip. In case of swelling, you can apply ice or yogurt on the affected part. In case you are highly sensitive, taking anti inflammatory drugs will help in reducing the pain. You need to use proper brushing techniques to avoid bacterial growth and infection. Avoid eating chewing gums and taking tobacco when you are in healing period. Using sea salt cotton swab regularly for cleaning the place will reduce the risk of infection.

Pictures of Monroe Piercing :

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