Melanoma – Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment

It is a type of skin cancer costing your life. Among all other types of skin cancer, melanoma is potentially harmful. It can affect any part of the body causing serious consequences. Four types of melanoma are available. The first one is superficial melanoma is commonly found in many people and occurs as small black dots on the skin. Next is Nodular melanoma which appears as separately raised spots and is blue or dark black in color. The third type is Lentigo maligna melanoma which occurs only on aged people and is seen on face, arms and neck area where sun’s exposure is at its maximum. The last type is Acral lentiginous melanoma which is seen in palms, soles and nails.

In rare cases, melanoma develops on the eyes and even on retina. It can also develop in anus, vagina and urinary tract. It is truly serious to know that melanoma is steadily increasing nowadays and it attacks even young people.

Causes :

Melanin is the skin pigment produced from our cells by name melanocytes. This pigment is the factor that determines the color of your skin. When these melanocytes undergo certain changes, it causes special type of skin lesions called melanoma (causing cancer).

Who Is At Risk To Get Melanoma ?

People with fair complexion, bluish green eyes, and blond hair are prone to get melanoma. The individuals who live in warm regions or on high altitudes, and who is largely exposed to sunlight at workplace are at risk. If you have at least one episode of sunburns in your life, you certainly have increase chance for getting melanoma.

Genetics also play a role in melanoma and it can be passed on to next generations through chromosomes. For people who have chronic disorders like AIDS or cancer and people with lowered immunity level are also at risk.

Symptoms :

Melanoma looks very much like a mole. It may be in the form of extended lesions or bumps on the skin surface which changes color. Very often they are of irregular shape and their borders are different. You can remember the famous ABCDE mode for detecting the presence of melanoma. You need to make regular visits with your dermatologist for early detection of melanoma.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor will examine the shape, size, color and texture of the moles for detecting any suspicious moles. Skin biopsy is done for confirming the illness. In case the result is positive, then CT scan is to be done for examining how far the cancer has spread.

Treatment :

Surgery is made for removing cancerous skin layers, tissues and even lymph nodes. Chemotherapy is given for killing cancerous cells; immunotherapy will increase the immunity level to fight against cancer. Radiation methods and surgery is also combined for some people to destroying cancer causing cells.

Prognosis :

Melanoma can become serious if not detected in early stage. It cannot be cured if the cancer has spread into the nearby lymph nodes.

Pictures of Melanoma :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Melanoma

Melanoma Melanoma Melanoma Melanoma
Prevention :

You can reduce the chance of getting melanoma if you reduce the exposure to sunlight. Avoid going out in hot sunny climate. Apply sunscreen lotion liberally if you need to go out in hot sun. Avoid doing tanning in salons.

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