Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma skin cancer can be detected in early stages by the process of diagnosing for ABCD symptoms. Moles can develop into tumor at later stages and invade other cells nearby causing cancer or melanoma. You should look out for the so-called ABCD’s when you have doubts on the growth of moles.

  • A stands for Asymmetry, which means observe if the symmetry or shape of the mole is the same all over. If one half of the mole looks different from other, then it can be melanoma.
  • B stands for Border, which indicates you should observe for the outline of moles and its border. Check whether the border is smooth or rough or sometimes uneven.
  • C stands for color, that means changing color of moles are always problematic. When a mole changes its original color to turn pink, brown or black it can be melanoma.
  • D stands for diameter, which means the mole size should not be bigger than usual moles. Check for any growth of moles that is strange and big in size.

Melanoma skin cancer can be treated by surgery. Removing the problematic mole from the skin can eliminate the possibility of cancer. But it is always better to keep monitoring for further growth of moles in adjacent areas from where it was removed. There is every chance for the mole to travel deep into the lymph nodes causing more problems to the person. Advanced type of cancer can involve more surgeries and immunotherapy very often.

Cause for the development of mole skin cancer is many. Exposure to sunlight, having more number of moles, having strange looking big sized moles, fair complexion are some of the causes for melanoma.

Pictures of Melanoma Skin Cancer :

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Melanoma Skin Cancer Melanoma Skin Cancer Melanoma Skin Cancer Melanoma Skin Cancer Melanoma Skin Cancer Melanoma Skin Cancer

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