It is highly contagious disease which is potential and life threatening. This disease can bring in more complications like pneumonia and encephalitis. If pregnant women are affected with measles, they have the chance of miscarriage. However by taking proper vaccination you can easily protect measles infection caused by virus. Medically measles is called “Rubeola”.

Causes :

Measles is caused by virus by name aparamyxo virus. It spreads easily by saliva or droplets of saliva through air and enters the other person. Mere sneezing and coughing is enough to get the contagious virus.

It is very much necessary to get vaccination for mumps and measles for your child. It can also spread through small droplets from the mouth, nose and even throat of the person who has been infected.

The infected person remains in high contagious stage once the virus enters his body, but it takes minimum of 4 days for the skin rash to appear. You need to know that measles virus can stay active in the air even after the person who is infected leaves the room. Thus it is very dangerous and highly contagious, spreading through air.

Symptoms :

Symptoms of measles include cough, fever, bloody eyes, muscular pain and rashes on the skin surface. The rash begins to appear only after 4 or 5 days and it starts from the scalp and spreads rashes till feet.

Presence of small, reddish raised rash is a good indicator of measles. Some of the other signs of measles are sore throat, repeated cough, runny nose and mouth infection.

Very often, small children are more prone to measles infection than adults, due to lower immunity.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor will examine the skin and look for other symptoms. He would also ask you to undergo measles serology culture and viral culture test.

Treatment :

Treatment is only given for relieving the discomfort of symptoms and there is no cure for measles. Children are given Tylenol for treating infection and advised to be on complete rest. They will have to be supplemented with Vitamin A which would reduce the signs and risk of death.

The room in which the child is kept should be separated and kept fully ventilated. In case of severe complications like pneumonia, antibiotics are started. It is vital to monitor the child for taking plenty of water and other fluids, to prevent him from dehydration.

In rare cases, complications may cause bronchitis, encephalitis and ear infection.

Pictures of Measles :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Measles

Measles Measles Measles Measles Measles Measles Measles Measles
Prevention :

The only way to prevent measles infection is to stay vaccinated. In many countries, they recommend serum immune globulin for a week if the patient is exposed to virus attack, to prevent infection. Now, measles vaccine is given together with Rubella and mumps vaccine and you have to complete the course of vaccination without fail.

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