Lymph Node Locations

Lymph nodes are small organs, size of which measures 1-2 cm and is present throughout the body. Very often their size is small but it may develop and grow bigger than normal size when it is infected due to certain medical disorder.

The main function of the lymph nodes is eliminating the dead cells of bacteria and other viruses from the lymphatic fluid and thus is serves as cleansing agent for the body. Roughly there are 500 lymph nodes in our body liberally spread in the system. Basically the white blood corpuscles or lymphocytes reside in the lymphatic fluid of lymph nodes. When antigens are secreted from the bacteria and passed into the lymph system, it is the lymph nodes which produce antibodies to destroy the pathogen released from the bacteria during blood circulation.

When the body’s natural defense mechanism (immune system) response to the chemical substances released by the harmful bacteria, the powerful antibodies (large number) are sent into the lymph nodes which make them expand and look swollen.

Location :

Though lymph nodes are present throughout our body, let us see some of the important lymph nodes depending on the location.

Cervical lymph nodes are present in the neck region. They help in moving our neck flexibly and protect the pharynx and tonsils area. If there is any abnormal movement of lymph cells in this area, it may cause plump in the neck, resulting in change of voice, coughing and formation of yellow phlegm. Enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck may give problems like weight loss and lethargy.

Axillary lymph nodes are present in the armpit

Supraclavicular lymph nodes are seen in the collar bone.

Mediastinal nodes are found in the lung sacs located between the pleural sacs and behind the sternum.


Mesentery nodes are found in the abdomen, located just below the rib cage.

Inguinal lymph nodes are present in the groin area. They are also called as groin lymph nodes. Very often, swelling nodes in this area get no priority due to its location. They are present in the area where upper leg is connected with the pelvic area. It is very small in size, resembling a pea in structure. Inguinal lymph nodes are responsible for filtering the fluid and draining bacteria from the areas like feet, groin, genitals and legs.

What are swollen lymph nodes?

There will be slight tenderness or warmth in the area of lymph nodes indicating that it has enlarged or swollen. Swollen nodes increase in size from 1-2 inches and the nature and length of swelling depends on the location and the intensity of infection. There are plenty of causes for inflammation of lymph nodes ranging from common cold to cancer. You need to consult an expert health practitioner to identify the real cause of swollen lymph nodes.

Causes of inflammation in the lymph nodes :

Local infection in the area or injury is the main cause for swelling of lymph nodes. Drug allergy, lymphoma, benign cyst and hernia are some of the other causes for swelling of lymph nodes in the groin.

In the neck, it may develop swelling due to tonsillitis, throat infection or ear infection and sometimes due to skin infection.

Pictures of Lymph Node Locations :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Lymph Node Locations

Lymph Node Locations Lymph Node Locations Lymph Node Locations Lymph Node Locations Lymph Node Locations Lymph Node Locations
Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma :

This is one of the cancer types that occur in white blood cells of the blood and is difficult to cure. This cancer can cause damage to the lymph nodes and underlying bone marrow and even the internal organs.

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