Lump in Armpit

Lumps are small lesions or bumps present anywhere in the body and they can occur in your armpit. The lumps get enlarged due to the swelling of some of the lymph nodes in the arm causing pain and discomfort.

Causes :

There are several reasons for getting lumps in armpit. There may be bacterial infection in the arms or even breasts. It can be due to Cat scratch disease. As one grows older, you can get lumps and lesions on the armpit.

It can be due to improper shaving methods and use of strong body spray lotions under the armpit. Sometimes abscesses on the skin can produce painful lumps on the armpit.

Initial signs of cancer like leukemia or Hodgkin’s syndrome can produce lumps in armpit. Fungal infection like sporotrichosis can create this problem. Benign cysts or enlargement of breast tissue can cause lesions and bumps.

Sometimes there can be allergic reaction due to intake of sulfa drugs or penicillin injection. Vaccination can also create this problem. And lastly, lesions or lumps can occur due to viral infection like AIDS or chickenpox.

When to see your doctor?

When there is lump or lesions without pain, (in any area) for long period, you need to see your doctor for knowing the cause. He may ask you several questions regarding the lump and may also gently press the lump for examining the same. Further you may be asked to do blood profile, liver function and kidney function tests (if needed).

Pictures of Lump in Armpit :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Lump in Armpit

Lump in Armpit Lump in Armpit Lump in Armpit Lump in Armpit Lump in Armpit
Treatment :

Generally no treatment is required for clearing lump in the armpit. It may be caused due to allergic reaction or any other drugs. Hence it is enough if you identify the real cause and remove it.

So, lipoma or lump in the skin surface is harmless, until you feel any discomfort or pain.

But you have to rule out any possibility of cancer with due consultation from your doctor.

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