Lipoma is fat like lump that grows between the muscle layer and the skin. It is hard lesion like structure and rough to touch and is easy to detect the presence of lipoma. Lipomas occur in groups or clusters and are commonly present in middle age persons. This soft fatty tissue is normally harmless and is not tumor which contains cancerous cells. Hence the extra growth of lipoma can be ignored if it does not bother your beauty.

Some of the parts in which lipoma grows are armpits, legs, under thighs, neck, shoulder and back of your body. Normally they are small growing less than 2 inches in size. The exact cause of formation of lipoma growth is not known. But obese people are more prone to get lipoma than other people.

It can be easily removed surgically by cutting them carefully under local anesthesia. A dose of steroid injection is administered on the site that shrinks the growth of lipoma. In some cases, liposuction method is used for removing this extra growth.

Pictures of lipoma :

Images, Pics, Pictures, Photos of lipoma

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