Itchy Rectum – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies

Most of the people would have faced this problem of itchy rectum. Anal itching is one of the common occurrences in many men and women and is more frequently observed in men. Irritation occurs in and around the area of small opening of the rectum through which bowel gets expelled. People have that uncontrollable desire to scratch the area of anus due to intense irritation.

Presence of fissures, hemorrhoids and intake of certain foods and certain medical conditions like diabetes increases the itchy rectum to large extent. Diagnosis is made by examining the rectum area closely using special instrument. Treatment of itchy rectum can be made only if the cause is identified rightly.

Itchy Rectum Causes :

Itchy rectum has several causes and factors. Bowel movement largely depends on the type of food we eat. The more spicy and hot our food is the more irritation will be there on the rectum area. Including hot foods, spices, peppers and more chemicals in the food can cause itchy rectum. Sweating on the anus due to the presence of liquid stools when diarrhea develops can cause itchy rectum. More of moisture in this dark region can invite bacteria easily leading to infection. Taking antibiotics for long can cause yeast infection contributing for itchy rectum. Skin problems like psoriasis, presence of hemorrhoids, skin tags and fissures can cause rectum itching.

Itchy Rectum Symptoms :

Itching or intense irritation develops on the anus area and this is high during night. In severe cases, the skin around the anus can tear producing liquid discharge. Itchy rectum would cause discomfort and soreness in the area and it would be greatly annoying for self and others. In severe cases it can cause bleeding.

Tests :

No special testing is necessary for detecting itchy rectum. The doctor would listen to your symptoms and examine the area closely. If necessary he would request for culture to diagnose the type of organism that causes itching.

Itchy Rectum

Itchy Rectum Treatment :

  • Itchy Rectum Home Remedies :

It is necessary to keep the anus clean and dry. There should not be any moisture in the area which may give room for bacterial infection. Do not apply too much of soap in the area and wash it off thoroughly with cool water. Do not rub soap or any cleanser directly on the anus use your hands and wipe off excess of moisture using washcloth. After using toilet, always make sure you use baby wipes or other moist wipes for removing any remnants of bowel particles. Avoid using toilet paper is there is irritation. Be careful while using suppositories or foams on rectum.

  • Medical Treatment :

The main aim of treating itchy rectum is to provide quick relief from soreness and burning sensation on that area. Over the counter creams and suppositories can be helpful in many cases. You need to apply the cream as a thin layer of covering over the rectum carefully.

  • Local Anesthetics :

Some of the common anesthetics used for itchy rectum are benzocaine, benzyl alcohol (5-20%), dibucaine, lidocaine and pramoxine like Procto foam. They give quick relief from burning and itchy sensation by creating numbness on the nerve endings of the rectum. If you experience any discomfort or increased itching you need to discuss with your doctor immediately.

  • Vasoconstrictors :

These agents would construct the tiny blood vessels of the rectal opening to reduce swelling. It would also help in controlling pain and persistent itching. Vasoconstrictors like epinephrine can be injected or applied directly on the anus.

  • Protectants :

They are effective in creating a barrier thereby preventing direct contact of the itchy rectum with liquid or stool expelled from the rectum. This in turn would reduce pain and itching. Some of the commonly used protectants are glycerin, lanolin, cocoa butter and starch. Astringents like zinc oxide and calamine can also be used to manage itchy rectum which increases dryness thus preventing moisture.

Antiseptic agents like boric acid, phenol, and benzethonium chloride are useful in preventing bacterial growth on the rectum. Keratolytics like resorcinol or alcloxa are used for loosening the outer layers of the skin while applying medicine. Some doctors prescribe corticosteroids to control severe itching for long term.

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