Itchy Nose

Allergic reaction is the most common cause for itchy nose. It can occur due to common cold or mild stage of asthma or any other allergy. For each person, the factor that triggers allergy may be different. You need to identify what causes allergy and take steps to prevent it to stop itchy nose.

Causes :

Causes for itchy nose vary widely from common cold to underlying medical illness. There are countless number of causes that would cause itchy nose for some people. Psoriasis, Herpes infection, allergic reaction, sunspot, mosquito bite, fungal infection, basal and squamous cells carcinoma and Herpes zoster infection can cause itchy nose.

Some of the serious medical conditions that trigger itchy nose are liver failure, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney failure, respiratory tract infection and hay fever.

It can be due to common cold or initial stage of sinusitis or asthma.

Symptoms :

There would be repeated itching on your nose along with common cold and sore throat. For some people it may cause itchy eyes and stuffy nose. In severe cases of Psoriasis, there may be rashes and redness of the nose and skin.

Treatment :

You can start with over the counter antihistamines for treating itchy nose. For simple infection or allergy this would settle your problem for sure. Antihistamines are powerful enough to block the allergic reaction thus offering protection.

You need to identify the exact cause that causes allergy and avoid it completely in future.

A Neti pot is used for rinsing the nose. The person should insert the pot into one of the nostril and inhale water into the nostrils which would wash away the dust particles that causes itchy nose. This therapy works the best for curing itchy nose caused by dust allergy or pollution. You can try this therapy number of times and it is less expensive without side effects. All you need is to use clean water in the pot for rinsing your nose.

You can also use cream or lotion for treating itchy nose, if it is caused due to dryness. In extreme climate, there may be dryness in the nose that can affect both sides of the nose. Drinking lot of water will not provide solution for this problem. The mucus membrane should always keep the lining of nasal passage moist for preventing itchy nose. If you constantly blow your nose, the mucus inside may get lost causing itchier inside. In that case, you can apply lotion for keeping the nose well hydrated. Lotion that contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera can be applied for promoting skin care.

In case if the itchy nose cannot be managed through the above remedial measures, you can consult your doctor. He may prescribe nasal spray or any other medicines for treating and controlling itching.

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Prevention :

You can avoid allergy causing atmosphere. Keep your nose well covered when going out in dusty wind or polluted atmosphere. Use moist mop while cleaning the house so that dust particles will not enter into the nose.

Itchy nose can also occur due to pet allergy and in that case you need to stay away from owning pets.

By observing your reactions closely, you can find out what exactly caused allergy and itchy nose. In future you must avoid that factor for preventing allergic reaction.

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