Itchy Ear Canal

Itchy ear canal is the condition that makes the affected person scratch the inside part of the ear often. It could create embarrassment for the person. Sometimes, excess of itching sensation would tempt him to use pencil, pen or any other sharp objects available for scratching his ears causing serious consequences.

Causes :

People who often stay in water during sports activities like swimming are more prone to get itchy ear canal than others. There is every chance to get fungal infection while using public swimming pool at large.

Some other factors like seborrheic dermatitis (skin disease), eczema and psoriasis can also cause itching in ear canal. Due to severe allergic reactions, there can be itching sensation on the nose and ear and other parts of the skin. It would cause blockage and scaling of patches and sometimes it can affect hearing.

Food allergy may also cause this reaction due to allergy. It would simultaneously affect the throat and ear causing infection. Further adding problem, the infection may also spread to your eyes causing watering of eyes and irritation.

When you change to new shampoo or soap or hairsprays it can cause allergy and itching.

Wax collection in excess can also cause itching sensation in the ears. There would be fullness feeling in the ear which would cause irritation and itching. It is quite common for people who stay in water for extended hours, more particular in warm months.

Symptoms :

There may be continuous itching and irritation inside the affected ear. For some it can cause moderate pain. You need to treat this immediately after consulting your doctor failing which you may lose control to use any sharp object to scratch the ear which can damage the hearing capacity.

Treatment :

Home remedy is available in the form of olive oil. You can apply few drops of olive oil in the affected ear to get temporary relief from itching. Alternatively you can apply warm hot water bottle under the ear to drain out the wax that may cause itching. The warm water is enough to melt down the wax which would eventually drain out of the ear.

Sometimes, small bugs can enter the ear canal and cause itching. In that case, you can pour few drops of warm using a syringe into the ear canal. You can also add few drops of mineral oil for killing the bug inside which would eventually float on the surface. In case you are unsure, then you can consult your doctor immediately.

Many people use over the counter medications and lotions for clearing itchy ear canal. Lotions that contain hydrocortisone is good enough to cure itching. Very often mild forms of itching will get settled by this treatment. If you still have itching and irritation, then you should not delay in consulting the physician.

Your doctor will clean the infected ear for providing permanent cure from itching.

Things to be Avoided :

Do not use pen, pencil or any sharp objects for scratching the ears. It will make the situation worse and difficult to treat for the physician.

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