Itchy Bottom

Itchy bottom is called as Pruritus ani in medical terms. It causes persistent itchy feeling around the anus. You will feel like scratching the anus all the time and it is more after using toilet. The soft skin around the anus area will get damaged and subsequently you may develop skin infection. It can be treated by soothing ointment and topical corticosteroids.

Causes :

Itchy bottom is actually a symptom and not a disease. It can develop due to known causes and unknown causes as well. Skin disease like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis can cause itchy bottom. You can develop this condition if you rub the anal area strongly or if there is excess of moisture in the anus or if you use strong perfumes or soaps on that area. Certain type of infections like thrush, scabies, herpes and sexually transmitted diseases can spread itchy bottom.

Certain diseases like anal fissure, piles and use of some medications for diarrhea can cause itchy bottom. In some cases the exact cause of itchy bottom is not known. In case you have itchy anus you may gently scrap it or use a scented soap for cleaning it. This may worsen the condition causing severe itching as the skin around the anus develops inflammation. This process is called vicious circle and pruritus ani.

Symptoms :

Some of the common symptoms of itchy bottom are persistent itching on the anus, inflammation of the skin around the anus and formation of red patches in that area.

Risk Factors :

Itchy bottom is common for both sexes and is more for those who are not practicing good hygiene. For no apparent reason it is more prevalent in men than women. An individual who rubs his anal area more frequently can develop itchy bottom.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor can detect the disease by listening to your symptoms. No specific test is needed.

Treatment :

Home Remedies :

You need to keep your private parts clean and dry to avoid itchy bottom. For that you need to bath daily, avoid wearing tight fitting underwear, avoid using perfumed soaps and avoid taking bubble baths. Trim your fingernails regularly so that it does not hurt your anus when you are washing it. Choose only cotton underwear so that it absorbs moisture. Change your panties if you feel it is not dry or clean. Keep a cotton tissue handy so that you can put it in your underwear to keep the anus dry.

Though it is difficult to control the urge of itching, still you need to avoid scratching the bottom often. Avoid taking spicy foods, nuts, chocolate, dairy products and excess of coffee/tea. Avoid taking sweets often. Include high quantity of fiber diet like grains, whole-wheat breads, oats and pulses. Drink plenty of liquids and add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Medications :

Antifungal cream is given for treating fungal infections or thrush. In case of bacterial infection your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Separate treatment is given for anal fissure. For mild to moderate itchy feeling, your doctor may give antihistamines either orally or in the form of creams. For severe cases, ointments that contain corticosteroids are prescribed.

Prevention :

You should practice good hygiene while using toilet. Always use plain unscented toilet tissue. Avoid allergic foods. Keep your anus area dry and clean. Wear cotton underwear so that it can absorb moisture. Do not scratch the area since it can make things worse. Remember to trim your fingernails regularly.

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